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Security Maturity Assessment

Understand your organisations overall security posture.

Our Security Maturity Assessment is a 3-day workshop engagement where Quorum Cyber work with your teams to understand the threat posture of your organisation, focus on the threats that affect you, as well as the effectiveness of your existing controls and investment.

Our maturity and risk assessment of your organisation is measured against a recognised cybersecurity framework such as the CIS Controls framework, identifying cyber security controls in place, as well as residual risks relative to the organisation’s IT landscape, size and security posture.

An Agile Journey

Our methodology is simple and clear and enables organisations to quickly build a measurable business case for all security remediation activities. Speak to our team today about our Security Maturity Assessment and Threat Modelling workshops.

Threat profile your organisation

Measure maturity of existing controls

Define the gap between threats and controls

Define a roadmap of actions to align risk levels with risk appetite

Threat Modelling Assessment

Identify your most pertinent cyber-threats.

Our Threat Modelling assessment is a 5-day workshop engagement to understand why threat actors might be motivated to attack your organisation. Once we have identified motivations, we can map the motivations to historic threat intelligence about know threat actors. Our threat profile consists of known tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that threat actors and the tools they use utilise to attack your organisation.

The main platform we utilise to develop this threat profile is the industry renowned MITRE ATT&CK, which give you a common language to talk about cyber security threats within your organisation and with your suppliers.

Armed with the MITRE ATT&CK threat model we can proceed with the next stage of the assessment, where we focus on measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your existing controls and investment against your top threats.