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What are Security Design and Optimisation Services?

Security Design and Optimisation services assist your organisation in designing and enhancing your security infrastructure, systems, and processes. Overall, these services aim to provide a robust and efficient security framework to effectively safeguard your organisation from cyber threats.

Security Design services specifically involve creating a robust security architecture that effectively protects an organisation’s data, systems, and networks. This includes designing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption protocols, access controls, and other security measures. It also involves developing a security policy that outlines how the organisation will protect its information assets.

Optimisation services involve improving and fine-tuning the existing security measures. This could include identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, enhancing the efficiency of security systems, ensuring that security measures are up to date with the latest threats, and improving the organisation’s overall security posture.

Quorum Cyber’s team of experienced consultants are skilled in supporting organisations to optimise their security designs across key components of the Microsoft stack such as Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel. Quorum Cyber helps organisations understand their current maturity and posture, develops improvement strategies and roadmaps, and delivers the security improvement programmes through.

Quorum Cyber’s Security Design and Optimisation Services consist of:

  • Technical Lead Consultancy: providing technical leadership and architecture services
  • Microsoft Defender Ecosystem Deployment and Optimisation: ensuring your organisation has optimised, and gained maximum benefit from, your Microsoft Defender security environment after deployment and in operations
  • Threat and Environment Discovery: analysing your security environment for threats and reporting on recognised good practice
  • Device, Application, and Access Policy Design: providing sound policy design to control and govern controls related to devices, applications, and access
  • Microsoft Defender Proof of Concept: Quorum Cyber delivers evidence that a proposed solution can and will effectively addresses specific business problems.

Key Benefits of Technical Advisory

MISA verified XDR and Microsoft Solutions Partner logos.

Why Choose Quorum Cyber as Your Trusted Partner?

  • Unrivalled experience: 1,000+ years of combined Microsoft and cyber security experience and expertise
  • A Microsoft-only powerhouse: Quorum Cyber is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)
  • 150+ customers worldwide across construction, education, financial services & insurance, health, housing, IT, legal, local & regional government, manufacturing, media & telecommunications, not-for-profit, professional services, retail & consumer goods, automotive, travel & transport, and utilities
  • Continuous improvement – the attackers do not stand still, therefore our services don’t either… Quorum Cyber continually improves its customer experience based on customer feedback, current threats, and adopts the latest technology
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and CREST certified Incident Response teams available 24/7
  • No vendor lock-in and a flexible subscription model