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Every organisation in every industry today is operating in a climate of heightened risk due to the rising number of cyber threats and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks launched by threat actors around the globe. While some cybercrimes are the work of politically-motivated nation-state groups, most are committed by gangs or individuals looking to make quick and easy money without getting caught. 

While the private sector, the public sector and the non-profit sector are affected by several overarching cyber security themes and trends, we understand that each one has to face their own particular set of challenges when trying to manage and reduce risk. Within every industry, every company has their own risk appetite and has a unique security posture.  

We’re here to help you continually reduce risk over time, wherever you are on your cyber security journey.   

The Cyber Security stats you need to know

Cyber-attacks have become one of the biggest risks for every organisation in every region of the world.

Helping our customers win, worldwide

Our customers operate in a variety of industries across several continents. Explore how we’re helping them to minimise risk in an unpredictable and hostile digital landscape.  

A significant financial outlay is not always necessary to reduce the risk of ransomware or malware. Quorum Cyber instead offer guidance from industry experts with simple measures to help increase employee awareness and understanding of basic security protocols (such as password strength/policy, how to spot malicious emails or regular patching).

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