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Mastering Microsoft Sentinel A Cost Efficiency Webinar

Searching for clarity around Microsoft Sentinel costs? This session could be the answer to all your questions. Whether you’re already using Microsoft Sentinel, or contemplating its adoption in the future, we are here to address your concerns and ensure you are getting the most out of Sentinel, while meeting your data retention needs.

Quorum Cyber is leveraging Copilot for Security at scale

Our CEO & Founder, Federico Charosky and Data Security & AI Solutions Director, Graham Hosking, joined Microsoft to discuss how we are helping defend customers against cyber threats at scale with the generative AI capabilities of Copilot for Security.

Quorum Cyber Managed XDR integrates with Microsoft Security Technology

Our Solutions Director Ricky Simpson joined Microsoft to discuss how our Managed XDR integrates with Microsoft Security Technology.

Quorum Cyber Threat Intelligence Outlook 2024

The Quorum Cyber Threat Intelligence Outlook 2024 webinar will provide a high-level, strategic overview regarding developing cyber threats and how they are likely to emerge throughout the calendar year.

We are Quorum Cyber.

Evolution of the ‘Big Four’ and the threats they pose in cyber space

Jack Alexander, our Lead Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst will give a guided tour of the ‘Big Four’ nation-states: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. In the 50-minute session, he’ll reveal how geopolitics determines their objectives and activities, who they target, why and how. Jack will also share how we gather our intelligence and build our expertise which we make available for free to the market.

We Help Good People Win

Around the world, organisations are operating in an unpredictable digital landscape with more cyberattacks than ever before. How can you achieve your goals, while keeping your organisation safe?

Discover and Protect Your Sensitive Data with Microsoft’s On-Premises Scanner

Join Microsoft UK and Quorum Cyber to gain a solid understanding of the Microsoft Purview Information Protection scanner. Learn how you can use its unique capabilities to discover all the sensitive data stored in your organisation’s on-premises repositories. We’ll cover how the scanner integrates into the broader Microsoft information protection stack and supports data classification, policy enforcement and compliance.

Unleash the Power of Data: Discover insights into structured data with catalog

Join us in this captivating webinar as we explore the revolutionary capabilities of Microsoft Purview Data Catalog, a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and streamline data discovery, governance, and collaboration.

Ransomware Groups: New Techniques, Targets and Trends

In this webinar Jack Alexander, our Lead Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst who has eight years’ experience in the Royal Navy as Electronic Warfare Director and Senior Strategic Middle East Intelligence Analyst, will demystify the world of cybercriminal gangs and nation-state threat actors and uncover their targets, tactics and behaviours. He’ll also share how we gather our intelligence and build our expertise which we make available for free to the market, and tips for communicating threat intelligence.

The Art of Recycling: How to Leverage Existing Information for Improved Organisational Learning

As organisations generate more and more information, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and make sense of it all. What if you could get something to collate that information and make it useful to the rest of the business? That's where Microsoft Syntex and Viva Topics come in. These powerful tools can help you reuse existing content and provide clear and concise information in the form of a knowledge management system!

The Power of Contextual User Insights: Actions from User Impacts with Insider Risks

Insider risks pose a significant threat to organisations, with potential consequences ranging from data breaches to financial loss. To mitigate these risks, it's essential to have a deep understanding of user behaviour and activity (contextual user insights).

Watch our latest webinars and videos. Focussing on security tools, methodologies, and insights to overcome cyber security challenges across industries and sectors.

Watch technical demonstrations of the security capabilities of the Microsoft ecosystem.  In particular, Azure Sentinel and its ability to protect organisations everywhere, across cloud providers.