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What is Continuous Threat Exposure Management?

Vulnerability management has evolved from the classic approach of scanning for public exploits against known vulnerabilities. It now uses additional sources of threat exposure information and combines them with context-aware intelligence to sharpen remediation efforts. The result is a significantly stronger security posture that is improved over time as the Continuous Threat Exposure Management process is followed.

Utilising Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management and external threat monitoring, Quorum Cyber’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management delivers:

Scope definition

Covering all your internal assets, your internet footprint and proactively scanning your critical assets such as web farms, application servers and public-facing application programming interface (API) libraries.


Continuous active and passive scanning of internal and external facing assets, (including operating systems and software versions) to build a complete inventory and provide you with an accurate risk review of every connected device.


Using our knowledge of your infrastructure and organisation we make informed decisions and recommendations about which systems and parts of your IT infrastructure need updating first.


Our service tracks key metrics including your top five risky machines, vulnerabilities and security recommendations to protect critical resources, and we track your exposure score over time to demonstrate how the service is improving your security posture.


Continual improvements to your security posture as your business evolves, when new projects, departments or business units are brought into scope, or when your risk appetite changes.

Protect your organisation with Continuous Threat Exposure Management.

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Leveraging Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management and Attack Surface Intelligence, Quorum Cyber’s CTEM service includes:

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Why Quorum Cyber?

Our certified, experienced team of vulnerability management experts work across our customer base, allow them to learn and rapidly apply any lessons from one customer to the others. Furthermore, when integrated with other Quorum Cyber services, such as Offensive Security, Threat Intelligence and Managed Extended Detection and Response (M-XDR), CTEM provides even greater insight and actionable intelligence into managing your threat exposure. If we’re already monitoring your environment for incidents, Quorum Cyber has deep knowledge of your IT estate and a strong relationship with your team to ensure you’re as resilient as possible, allowing you to keep your focus on your business goals.

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