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Beyond traditional security services

Maintaining and managing an effective data security environment can be challenging. Many organisations fail to properly configure and optimise data loss prevention (DLP) and insider risk tools, leaving gaps in security measures. Quorum Cyber’s MDS enables you to ensure your data is secure and compliant, all while reducing your data management costs. Our comprehensive service enables you to take control of all your data wherever it resides and minimise the risk of data loss or incurring fines from regulators.

Quorum Cyber’s MDS leverages our deep Microsoft and compliance expertise to build a tailored, optimised data protection programme for your organisation. Our service goes beyond siloed monitoring of logs and firewalls by unifying DLP, insider risk management and cyber security monitoring within a single managed service. This enables Quorum Cyber’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts to conduct linked investigations (across data, network and identity signals) providing you with more holistic incident reports detailing root causes and affected areas across your digital estate.

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An effective data security environment

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Why Quorum Cyber?

For us, your cyber security is not just a technical requirement, it’s a business imperative. We are dedicated to ensuring you excel in this domain. Our proficiency in the realms of identity, security and compliance is deeply rooted in our customer-centric ethos, and unique partnership model is tailored to meet your specific needs. Together, we can help you master your data.

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