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What is Identity Security Advisory?

Identity Security Advisory services help your organisation to protect and manage digital identities, individuals, devices, and software. Identity security is critical in ensuring that only authorised entities have access to specific systems and data. These services include identity and access management (IAM) systems, implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA), advising on best practices for password management, and ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations around data privacy and protection.

The ultimate goal of Identity Security Advisory is to prevent unauthorised access, identity theft, and other cyber threats, enabling access for the right individuals to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. This is crucial in today’s environment, where remote work and digital transformation initiatives are expanding the digital footprint of many organisations.

Manage the Complete Lifecycle of all your Organisation’s Identities

Quorum Cyber’s Identity Security Advisory service ensures that Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) manages the complete lifecycle of identities, ensuring that only the right people can access what they need when they need it.

Quorum Cyber’s Identity Security Advisory foundations are to:

  1. Provide consultancy on Access Management (AM): including identity lifecycle-driven single sign-on (SSO) with MFA and passwordless options
  2. Advise on Privileged Access Management (PAM): including session monitoring and auditing
  3. Unified Identity Security Services: including pre-implemented integration of IGA, AM, and PAM accelerates time-to-value and minimises implementation risks
  4. Provide advice on Microsoft Entra deployments and zero trust transformation programmes: giving advice on recognised good practice to optimise deployment efficiency and providing assurance on zero trust programmes or initiatives.

Key Benefits of Identity Security Advisory

Remember, robust identity security is essential for protecting your organisation’s sensitive information and maintaining trust in the digital realm.

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Why Put Your Trust in Quorum Cyber?

  • Unrivalled experience: 1,000+ years of combined Microsoft and cyber security experience and expertise
  • A Microsoft-only powerhouse: Quorum Cyber is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)
  • 150+ customers worldwide across construction, education, financial services & insurance, health, housing, IT, legal, local & regional government, manufacturing, media & telecommunications, not-for-profit, professional services, retail & consumer goods, automotive, travel & transport, and utilities
  • Continuous improvement – the attackers do not stand still, therefore our services don’t either… Quorum Cyber continually improves its customer experience based on customer feedback, current threats, and adopts the latest technology
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and CREST certified Incident Response teams available 24/7
  • No vendor lock-in and a flexible subscription model