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Data security in the social housing sector

Housing providers have suffered from a spate of cyber-attacks in recent years, some of which have been high-profile cases that have made the headlines.

Cybercriminals have targeted the sector in an attempt to steal data from tens of thousands of people and in some cases to hold the housing provider to ransom. While some cyber-attacks have targeted them directly, others have been via unknowing third-party suppliers such as maintenance companies.

These incidents have sometimes had serious consequences for all parties: tenants have lost personal data and faced severe disruption to services; housing associations have suffered from data and financial losses, and had to divert employee resources away from other work, and their all-important reputation with their customers and the national housing regulator has been damaged indefinitely; and third-party suppliers have lost contracts and business. In a worst-case scenario, regulatory and auditing authorities have the power to intervene and award a financial penalty.

The trend of more people working from home has increased opportunities for cybercriminals to launch phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks, making employees more exposed and employers more vulnerable to threats.

While many housing associations’ directors have prioritised cyber security, and have good in-house IT teams, they often lack the specific skills to defend themselves around the clock.

Working closely with leading not-for-profit housing providers, Quorum Cyber understands the industry’s unique challenges and its sense of urgency in the current hostile digital climate. We have the expertise and experience to partner with organisations of any size and complexity to protect them every day of the year.

Cybercriminals have marked the housing sector as an easy target

Due to their relatively lower levels of budget provision towards IT security, housing associations are perceived to have weak defences.

Some of the most pressing issues and risks for the social housing sector

Cyber security is one of the top priorities for housing associations who want to avoid becoming a victim of increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Cyber Security Services for Housing Associations

We’re working with a growing number of large housing associations across the country who are already benefiting from our in-depth knowledge of the sector, helping them to retain the valuable trust of their tens of thousands of long-term tenants and the housing regulator.


Why choose Quorum Cyber as your trusted cyber security partner?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team is qualified in deploying the most advanced Microsoft Security technologies while streamlining existing security tools from multiple vendors to optimise performance and give the best value for money.

Reduce your housing association's cyber risk

Round-the-clock detection and response to protect your tenants, delivered by our qualified teams in the UK

Comply with the national housing regulator

Our service is delivered entirely in your environment, ensuring data ownership

Procure managed and professional services easily via G-Cloud Framework

Helping customers in the UK Social Housing sector find and buy cloud computing services

Safeguard your housing association’s reputation

Our experienced cyber security team defends your assets and data – and those of your tenants – and protects your reputation with all stakeholders

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