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Right Thing Solutions


Right Thing Solutions



At Quorum Cyber we look at things differently. We combine the power of our people with simple processes and great technology to improve data quality and deliver intelligence-driven cyber risk reduction. 

Our advanced analytics capabilities and combined experience enable us to transform data into actionable insights; whether in business or security, we focus on knowledge to predict impact and drive action. 





pick and choose what you need

Cyber Managed Services

A collection of services, simply packaged to suit your needs. Operated as fully managed off-site service or as a hybrid on-site/off-site service.

Our ‘cyber menu’ allows you to select exactly what you need:

Security monitoring
Incident response
Threat intelligence

User behaviour analytics
Vulnerability management
Penetration testing
Controls management and improvement

Security engineering

Our aim is to partner with your teams to help them achieve excellence, delivering a mature service function that complements both your business objectives and risk appetite.

We will tailor and implement a response-orientated framework, including:


•  Alert and incident triage
•  Incident response
•  Playbooks
•  Evidence management
•  Service definition

•  Team structure
•  Roles and responsibilities
•  Metrics/KPIs
•  Clear mission statement
•  Continuous improvement process


During on-boarding, regardless of which type of service you want, we spend a lot of time learning how you operate. That way, we learn to be effective and efficient, without overloading your teams. And we focus on how to best utilise your existing investment, optimising what you already have.

The key to our service is simplicity.

Pick the services you want, choose how much you want your teams to do and we make it happen.




look back
look ahead
for greater

Consulting and Assurance

What’s the difference?

Our assurance services look to the past, to test the validity of what you think you know that builds your understanding of who you are today.

Our consulting services look to the future, to help you shape and walk the journey to becoming who you want to be.

Together, these services are about reducing uncertainty and helping you become more, evolve, focusing on the most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, cyber risk, architecture, technology, data analytics, regulation and awareness.

We blend deep technical expertise with a very human approach: we care about your journey and we drive simplicity through clear actions and effective communication. 




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Innovation and Disruption
Quorum Cyber supports a special projects division - our incubator. We use this space with aggressive intention, to do things others haven’t done before… or things we think are fun… or things we think are unique… or things we think are beautiful. It’s a positive creative arena allowing us to flex our imaginations granting our people the freedom and opportunity to amaze.

Hacking spaces, new industries, product development, immersive virtual reality, AI, behavioral analytics, active defence, beautiful data imaging… this is where the genius, the curious, the geek, the gamer, the artist come out to play.

Outcomes may evolve into new services, some might become their own company while others simply keep minds fresh and provide a fun anecdote. However, one thing is certain… this is Quorum fully ignited.

If you have an idea that you want to see become a reality, come talk to us.

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Big Red Button

Big Red Button


Most anti-phishing services rely on internal education. But what happens if you are under attack?

We believe protection from phishing takes more than end-user training. At Quorum Cyber we have developed our ‘Red Button Service’ which provides you with the capability to effectively and efficiently respond to and remediate phishing attacks.

We provide an end-to-end phishing protection and countermeasure service. Our solution empowers your staff to send any suspicious email to our Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC), where a series of proprietary technologies and a team of security analysts will respond to the attack, keeping your company protected.

The model is a simple per-month user basis, can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes, and can be shut down at any time. We offer this phishing protection as a standalone product or as part of a full managed security service.

big red button - phishing response