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What is Offensive Security?

Every organisation’s IT estate has defensive weaknesses that could allow adversaries to find a way in. Proactively testing your defences now and fixing any frailties before motivated cybercriminals exploit them is essential. Quorum Cyber’s Offensive Security services help you stay one step ahead of adversaries and reduce the costs of reacting to breaches. Our services include: 

Technical Assurance/Pentesting

Adversarial Simulation

Red Teaming

Purple Teaming

Phishing Simulation

Adversarial Emulation

Offensive Security – The Benefits

Our Offensive Security consultants test your IT ecosystem for exploitable vulnerabilities that would allow unauthorised access to system components, applications, and data. They use a combination of automated software tools, proprietary scripts and manual techniques to achieve this. 

Vulnerabilities never exist in a silo, so we put them into context to highlight the most relevant risks to your business. We always focus on positive outcomes and results, so we’ll be clear about what and where your biggest risks are, what is a top priority and what is of least concern. 

Our services can be time-limited security assessments, or customised solutions and frameworks to address specific customer needs, requirements, and concerns. Quorum Cyber will: 

  • Apply its expertise to your needs, wherever you are on your security journey 
  • Identify your security weaknesses before cybercriminals do 
  • Understand the biggest cyber security risks to your business 
  • Address current issues, fast 
  • Reduce the chances and potential cost of a breach 
  • Minimise risks to your organisation. 

The risks of not having Offensive Security

It’s only a matter of time before any organisation experiences a cyber security breach. The longer a threat actor dwells inside, the greater the opportunity for exploitation. As organisations expand their IT ecosystems with extra tools like mobile apps and web applications, they create a larger attack surface for threat actors to attempt to infiltrate to gain access to your corporate network. It’s good practice to identify and fix any security issues before they pose a risk to your business. A compromised environment will cost more time, resources, and money to react than it would to be proactive earlier on. 

Why Quorum Cyber for Offensive Security services?

Although Quorum Cyber is a team of cyber security and technology experts, cyber security isn’t seen as a technology problem but more of a risk management challenge. That’s why its sole purpose is to reduce your business risk over time, within your budget. In addition to being a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Quorum Cyber is certified by CREST as an approved provider of Offensive Security services. CREST tests service providers with a rigorous accreditation and quality control process. 

Prevention is better than cure

Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your organisation’s cyber security posture. We can tailor our services to fit any organisation’s precise requirements: 

  • Insider Threat Assessment
  • Mobile Application Service Assessment
  • Web Application Assessment & Web Service Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Breakout Assessment
  • Build Review Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Code Review Assessment
  • External Infrastructure Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Adversarial Simulation
  • Vulnerability Assessment