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Offensive Security to boost your defences. Our creative CREST-certified professionals have years of experience testing a huge range of technology to the limits. Working with a cybercriminal’s mindset – and with your permission – they work to locate your weaknesses and advise how you can strengthen your security in an affordable way before threat actors take advantage.

Using a combination of automated software tools, proprietary scripts and manual techniques, we test your IT ecosystem for exploitable vulnerabilities that would allow unauthorised access to system components, applications and data. Vulnerabilities never exist in a silo, so we put them into context to highlight the most relevant risks to your business. We focus on positive outcomes and results, so we’ll be clear about what and where your biggest risks are, what is a top priority and what is of least concern.

All our services are time-limited security assessments. We apply our expertise to your needs – wherever you are on your security journey.

Why Offensive Security is important

It’s only a matter of time before any organisation experiences a cyber security breach. The longer a threat actor dwells inside, the greater the opportunity for exploitation. As organisations expand their IT ecosystems with extra tools like mobile apps and web applications, they create a larger attack surface for threat actors to attempt to infiltrate to gain access to your corporate network. It’s always best to identify and fix any security issues before they pose a risk to your business. If your security is compromised it can cost more time, resources and money to react than it would to be proactive earlier on.

Why Quorum Cyber for Offensive Security services?

While we’re a team of cyber security and technology experts, we don’t see cyber security as a technology problem but a risk management challenge. That’s why our sole purpose is to reduce your business risk over time, within your budget. In addition to being a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Quorum Cyber is certified by CREST as an approved provider of offensive security services.

Prevention is better than cure

All our services are time-limited security assessments that we can tailor to any organisation’s precise requirements:

  • Insider Threat Assessment
  • Mobile Application Service Assessment
  • Perimeter Assurance – combining External Infrastructure Assessment and continued Vulnerability Assessment for even better value
  • Web Application Assessment & Web Service Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Breakout Assessment
  • Build Review Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Code Review Assessment
  • External Infrastructure Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Explore our range of cyber security services

Find out how we can help to protect you from known and emerging threats. Our services are suitable for any organisation of any size and complexity, operating in any region of the world.

Offensive Security FAQs

Offensive security, otherwise known as penetration testing, is one of the most powerful and effective ways to understand and improve your organisation’s security posture. We answer the most frequently asked questions from our first-time offensive security customers to help you maximise the benefits of our services.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a point-in-time, authorised, simulated attack on a target organisation, applying the same tactics, techniques and procedures that a real cybercriminal would use.

What is the objective of a penetration test?

It’s to achieve unauthorised access to critical systems, applications and data.

Should I use the same supplier for a repeat penetration test?

Most people consider it ‘best practice’ to alternate between two service providers. This gives the customer a chance to compare value and/or quality. However, the customer must first decide whether the building of not one, but two, solid working relationships represents good value for money and time before opting for this approach. In many cases, having a pre-existing, well-nurtured relationship with a single, trusted supplier is the preferred option. This also has added benefits because the appointed offensive security professional already has a working knowledge of your organisation, as well as some of the daily challenges it faces.

How does a penetration test differ from a vulnerability scan?

A vulnerability scan will search a system for any known vulnerabilities. A penetration test will attempt to actively exploit weaknesses in a security environment. Although a vulnerability scan can be fully automated, a high-quality penetration test requires the skill of an experienced offensive security expert to be conducted successfully.

How often do I need to conduct a penetration test?

This can vary depending on the size, nature and complexity of the organisation and/or the wider market. However, conducting regular penetration tests is essential for maintaining good network security management. It is recommended that an organisation carries out a penetration test at least once a year (once or twice is ideal) in order to properly assess how emerging threats or vulnerabilities may be used to exploit your business.

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