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UCLan Customer Security Journey

James Crooks, Director of Learning and Information Services at the University of Central Lancashire joined Federico Charosky, CEO & Founder at Quorum Cyber on the 6th of April 2022 to discuss the security challenges UCLan faced, how they overcame them and their first-hand experience of using Microsoft security solutions.

Microsoft Sentinel Demo

The Quorum Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), powered by Microsoft Sentinel, helps to reduce the pressures of increasingly sophisticated attacks, rising volumes of alerts and long resolution time frames, all in one single solution.

Balancing Risk with Robert Hayes – Cyber Scotland Week Event

On Tuesday 23rd February 2021, our Non-Executive Director and former Head of the UK National Technical Assistance Centre, Robert Hayes, discussed the sweet spot between security and innovation and how to achieve the balance without opening your organisation up to the increased risk associated with cyber-attacks.

After SolarWinds – Lunch & Chat

To celebrate Cyber Scotland Week 2021, i-confidential joined Quorum Cyber to hold a Lunch & Chat Webinar on this important subject. Panel speakers, Federico Charosky, Simon Lawrence and Robert Hayes share their observations, tools, and approaches that can help organisations fight back.

Prioritising Cyber Risk Management for UK Local Councils Webinar

CEO & Founder, Federico Charosky, Microsoft’s Security Specialist, Arron Kerai and, Former Head of the UK National Technical Assistance Centre, Robert Hayes discuss how to balance security risk and develop a risk strategy, how to meet strict data compliance regulation and how to achieve operational resilience through modernising security transformation.

Cyber Security Priorities for Higher Education

CEO and Founder, Federico Charosky hosts an insight session into Cyber Security Priorities for Higher Education in 2021

Modernising SecOps

On Friday 19th February, founder and Chief Executive, Federico Charosky shared his expertise and insights on the latest cyber threats facing organisations and strategies on how to overcome them.

Solorigate Technical Workshop

Founder & CEO Federico Charosky and Senior Security Engineer Ben Docherty held a hands on technical workshop uncovering the recent events of sophisticated cyber-attack, Solorigate (also referred to as SUNBURST by FireEye).

We Help Good People Win

Introducing Quorum Cyber's Flagship Animation. In today’s ever-evolving threat-landscape, it can be challenging for any business to prevent cyber-attacks. We can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Leadership, business resilience and unexpected opportunities in the wake of COVID-19

Hear from two founders of two leading global businesses as they discuss their own experiences in dealing with the effects that the pandemic has had on service delivery in 2020.

Leading and Innovating in a Fast Changing World | Quorum Cyber Conversation with Olaf Hartong

Our very own Federico Charosky is joined by Co-founder and Defensive Specialist at Falcon Force, Olaf Hartong, to discuss Leadership and Innovation in a Fast Changing World.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel and MITRE ATT&CK in securing Multi-cloud environments

On the 23rd of July, 2020, we hosted the third in our series of Quorum Cyber’s Azure Clinic events. Demonstrating the power of Microsoft Azure Sentinel and MITRE ATT&CK in securing Multi-cloud environments.