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Published: 30th April 2020

Anti-Phishing Services

Phishing is a cyber security attack that is low-risk, minimal cost, yet high potential reward for cyber criminals.

Like all law firms, our client was facing an ever increasing tide of phishing attacks on their email system. Despite having a traditional in-line scanning solution in place, many were still getting through, leaving the users with the illusion that they were safe.

Running a lean IT team meant that the firm’s resources were over stretched and the phishing attacks that were getting through (often the most dangerous ones) were not getting examined, leaving the firm at risk attacks such as credential theft, mail spoofing or trusted contact attacks.

To find out more about ‘Phish’ our anti-phishing service, visit our website. Big Red Button – Phish is the only anti-phishing service that offers employee education, phishing simulation and phishing mitigation all in a single price per user package.