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Find out why out-of-the-box deployments aren’t enough in security

Many organisations invest in security tooling, take it ‘out of the box’, ‘plug’ it in and sit back. Find out what crucial steps you are missing that could prove to be the difference between business as usual and your worst day ever.

Learn More About Our XDR Service

Quorum Cyber’s new flagship Managed XDR service provides comprehensive security across your whole IT estate, freeing your teams to concentrate on your core business. Our solution focuses on business results and outcomes while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to give you a clear return on investment (ROI) regardless of the size, complexity and geographical footprint of your business.  

Our Managed XDR (Extended Detection & Response) combines the strengths of Microsoft’s two families of Defenders into one single service: Managed XDR = Microsoft 365 Defender + Microsoft Defender for Cloud + Microsoft Sentinel.

Employing the all-seeing Microsoft Sentinel in our XDR service, we monitor absolutely everything, from any vendor, in your IT ecosystem, be it on-premises or in the cloud, in Operational Technology (OT) or the Internet of Things (IoT). We scan laptops, smartphones and other devices through to email, networks, identities, virtual machines, databases and firewalls, and any type of operating system and any cloud environment, including from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. 

Our premium service includes our Microsoft Sentinel Managed Detection & Response (MDR) as standard to give you complete peace of mind every day of the year.

If you’re interested in partnering with us then get in touch with our team to discuss our security services.

Our comprehensive Managed XDR service

Today, 785,000 organisations in 120 countries use Microsoft Security products, benefitting from the more than $1 billion that the company invests in security every year. Managed XDR is flexible and scalable to suit any organisation of any size, and promises an impressive set of outcomes: 

Superior features of Managed XDR 

The ‘Managed’ component of our Managed XDR service means that our experienced threat hunters will proactively monitor your environment on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, ensuring you have the best security protection possible as Microsoft continues to update features and products. Our threat experts will investigate any suspicious activity that’s flagged by our automated threat monitoring technology. This approach makes the most of human intelligence and creativity combined with time-saving software. We’ll help you streamline your portfolio of products and licences to ultimately adopt a single security ecosystem to take full advantage of Microsoft’s $1 billion per year investment in cyber security.  

Greater optimisation brings greater efficiency and productivity, saving time, energy and resources so that your team can focus on your main business goals rather than be distracted with cyber security issues that are our team’s bread and butter. Our management of the XDR service also guarantees that you’ll always have the most up-to-date software to protect you from whatever threats emerge.  

With permission, XDR analyses every nook and cranny of your organisation’s IT landscape, from a temperature sensor to a robot on the factory floor, to detect unusual activity anywhere and prompt our analysts to investigate. No stone is left unturned in our proactive hunt for potential threats. In addition, our engineers execute ‘safe attacks’ in a monthly MOT and talk you through any vulnerabilities to continually improve your security posture in light of the latest cyber incidents around the world.  

Choose Quorum Cyber as your trusted XDR security partner

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Safeguarding your organisation and your customers around the clock

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MISA verified XDR and Microsoft Solutions Partner logos.

Why partner with Quorum Cyber?

Since we were founded in 2016, our mission has always been to help good people win. We do this by partnering with organisations around the globe in any industry sector to defend them against known and emerging cyber threats and cyber-attacks, so that they can focus on their business goals, despite operating in a hostile and unpredictable digital landscape.   

 Quorum Cyber is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security (formerly called a Gold Partner) and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). We are proud to be the first cyber security company headquartered in the UK, and one of the first few worldwide, verified by Microsoft for our Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service. 

Microsoft XDR FAQs

We answer our customers’ most commonly asked questions and give guidance on the security benefits that Microsoft XDR can provide your organisation.

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

XDR is a security threat detection and incident response tool. Providing extended visibility, analysis, automation and response across multi-cloud environments, endpoints, identities, networks, email and containers, virtual machines, Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and more, while applying analytics and automation to detect, analyse, hunt, and remediate today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

XDR is a more advanced progression of endpoint detection and response (EDR) security.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams need a platform that intelligently brings together all relevant security data and reveals advanced threats.

How does Managed XDR work?

Microsoft Defender XDR collects and correlates data against endpoints, servers, email, cloud and networks enabling visibility of advanced threats. These threats can then be analysed and prioritised in order to allow threat hunting and remediation. With this increased visibility and content into active threats, XDR allows security teams to quickly focus on, eliminate, and therefore mitigate, any serious impact to the business. Ultimately, XDR allows teams to reduce the scope and severity of any cyber-attack.

What are the benefits of XDR?

The primary benefits of XDR are:

  • Increased detection, protection and response capabilities
  • Increased productivity of security team and other operational personnel.

XDR ingests and distils multiple streams of telemetry and will improve critical SOC functions when they are responding to an attack in their environment.

XDR security provides advanced threat detection and response capabilities, including:

  • Converting a large number of alerts and streamlining them into a more manageable number of incidents. This increases the efficiency of the security team when dealing with these incidents.
  • Provides response options which encompass more than just infrastructure control points, including endpoints and network.
  • Allows for increased automation capabilities.
  • Converting a large number of alerts and streamlining them into a more manageable number of incidents. This increases the efficiency of the security team when dealing with these incidents.
  • Provides response options which encompass more than just infrastructure control points, including endpoints and network.
  • Allows for increased automation capabilities.

What are the advantages that XDR has over EDR?

XDR extends the capabilities of EDR across all the security layers in the environment — such as email, networks, servers and clouds.

XDR allows security teams to see the ‘entire picture’ by enabling telemetry and behavioural analysis across multiple security layers, as opposed to the single point of view provided by EDR.

XDR provides an overview of activity across the system that avoids any visibility gaps. This enables security teams to better understand where the threat has come from, but also how the attack is spreading across the security environment.

XDR offers greater analysis and correlation capabilities.

What are the latest changes to the Azure Security Product Names?

Since Microsoft Ignite 2020, there have been a few exciting developments concerning the names of some of the most important security technologies in the industry:

  • Azure Sentinel is now Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Threat Protection is now Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection is now Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is now Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is now Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Azure Security Centre Standard Edition is now Azure Defender for Servers
  • Azure Security Centre for IoT is now Azure Defender for IoT
  • Advanced Threat Protection for SQL is now Azure Defender for SQL

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