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Why NIS and HSE compliance should go hand in hand.

Health and safety has always been of paramount concern in the workplace – especially in the industrial sector – but the way it is monitored, regulated and complied with is changing. The increasing ubiquity of the digital transformation means that more and more of our business transactions, correspondences and processes are taking place online and via automation, which is advantageous for a whole host of efficiency, budgetary and quality benefits.

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Understanding the NIS Directive and what it means for your business.

With all the furore surrounding the introduction of GDPR earlier this year, another EU edict has comparatively flown under the radar. Nonetheless, the NIS Directive was apparently discussed in the European Parliament on far more occasions than the new data protection act (77 mentions compared to GDPR’s 13) in 2016 and 2017, signalling the importance placed on the subject by Europe’s elite politicians and lawmakers.

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