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Published: 28th March 2024

In the digital age, companies must constantly be on guard against a multitude of cyber security threats.

Despite the growing media attention on cyber-attacks worldwide, two of the most pressing challenges facing organisations today are human operated ransomware and data leaks from insider threats.  According to Microsoft over 98% of these incidents can be avoided by implementing basic security hygiene practices. Yet, many organisations remain unaware of what steps they can take to significantly strengthen their cyber security posture. 

Is your organisation doing enough to safeguard its digital assets from the biggest internal and external threats facing every sector around the globe today? 

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, organisations must tackle security threats originating from a myriad of sources. Simultaneously, they are required to collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders to comply with an ever-growing list of industry and government regulations. 

Gaining an edge in this complex security landscape begins with understanding your organisation’s current cyber security posture. Working alongside Microsoft, Quorum Cyber, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), can offer a fully funded comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment to help eligible businesses understand their current state and what they need to do to achieve their security goals.  

The Microsoft approved assessment guides you through a journey of improvement, providing a comprehensive view of your organisation’s security profile. It’s just a small part of Quorum Cyber’s comprehensive set of cyber security and data security services. Our team of over 200 experienced experts ensure that your organisation is protected before, during and after any cyber incident.  

Customised strategic planning 

Through our Cybersecurity Assessment, we help you develop a strategic plan tailored to your specific needs, incorporating recommendations from Microsoft Security experts. This process not only increases your awareness of your organisation’s current security status in relation to industry benchmarks but also provides you with the necessary support to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. 

Our aim is to equip your organisation with the necessary tools and knowledge to upgrade your security posture for the long term. By investing in cyber security, your organisation can better protect itself against threats, ensure data integrity, and maintain the trust of its stakeholders. 

The importance of cyber security in today’s digital landscape can’t be overstated. By taking proactive measures such as implementing basic security hygiene processes, scheduling regular cyber security assessments, and developing customised strategic plans, all organisations can significantly mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks and insider data leaks.  

Quorum Cyber’s Cybersecurity Assessment applies to a select group of roles including Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and IT security professionals and we tailor it to your precise needs.  

Contact our team to arrange a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the Microsoft Cyber Security Assessment.

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