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Published: 28th March 2024 | In: Insights

Every organization today runs on data. Those that can master it have a competitive advantage. But if their data is breached the consequences can be enormous.

The loss of customer and stakeholder confidence and trust, and any resulting regulatory fines and financial losses might be irreparable. Who wants to do business with a company that can’t look after its data? Would people want to work for an employer that can’t secure their personal information? 

While many businesses have understandably acted to protect their data from external threats such as cyber-attacks, few have taken the necessary actions to minimize potential damage from insider threats. These are sometimes malicious, perhaps from disgruntled employees or those about to leave the company to work for a competitor, or they might be unintentional data leaks.  

Often, organizations don’t know what data they’ve lost, how it was stolen or leaked, who was responsible or who has it now or what they will do with it. And without this knowledge, they don’t know where to begin to address the problem, which is common to organizations in every sector. 

It’s clear they need to do much more to protect their valuable data and avoid becoming yet another statistic. According to the Cost of a Data Breach report from IBM, 20% of data breaches are down to employees. When they act maliciously, the average cost of a breach is $15.4 million. Furthermore, 83% of organizations experience more than one data breach in their lifetime.  

Prevention is better than a cure 

Fortunately, security experts have been developing robust solutions to overcome the challenge head on. No solution should be complicated or cost the earth. A quality data security solution from an experienced service provider will save the expense of hiring, training and retaining data security professionals to work in-house. And it will probably be less than the cost of any necessary incident response support and data recovery if an organization is compromised, especially if IT systems need to be shut down for a while. 

So, it’s no wonder that a growing number of decision makers believe that implementing a data security solution is an excellent investment that prevents a world of disruption and headaches in the worst-case scenario of a serious data breach.   

Quorum Cyber’s Data Security Engagement, hosted in partnership with Microsoft, promises to provide you with the insights you need to understand data security, privacy and compliance risks in your organization. It has been designed for eligible organizations of any size no matter how complex their IT estate is.  

Highlights of the Data Security Engagement:

  • Understand the risks of dark organizational data 
  • Learn about the risks organizational insiders may impose 
  • Assess your environment against key data protection standards 
  • Receive an analysis and report on findings and associated risks 
  • Learn about tools and services that can help mitigate risks 
  • Explore recommendations and next steps 

In today’s inhospitable digital environment, the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats has escalated to record levels. Technology is moving too fast for most businesses to keep up and the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) come with the risk of prolific disinformation campaigns that make security even more challenging. It’s now, ‘not if’ but ‘when’ any organization will experience a cyber-attack.   

Quorum Cyber, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), provides a comprehensive set of cyber security and data security services. Our team of over 200 experienced experts ensure that your organization is protected before, during and after any cyber incident.  

Contact our team to arrange a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the Microsoft Data Security Engagement. 

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