A security vulnerability is an unintended flaw or defect that exposes organisations to the possibility of attack. They are commonly found within all modern software and their exploitation remains the primary cause of security incidents.

Quorum Cyber’s vulnerability management service enables proactive identification and remediation of weaknesses within your entire IT estate. We use an automated Vulnerability Assessment tool against your internal and external systems and applications, tailoring the frequency to your business activity.

Vulnerability Management is coverage driven; we enable you to detect and remediate as many vulnerabilities as possible, as quickly and often as possible.

Every identified issue is then assessed by a Vulnerability Triage Group based on criticality of our findings and specific context within the business. This group will include key stakeholders from your organisation (both business and technical), and will be chaired by Quorum Cyber to meet regularly and triage all identified vulnerabilities and prioritise remediation plans accordingly.

The decision to fix or leave an issue is, at its root, a business decision and every organisation has their own risk appetite.  We will work with you to ensure all risks are clearly identified and understood to support your decision making process.