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Published: 10th November 2022 | In: News

On 3rd October, Microsoft launched their Cloud Partner Program and with it replaced their Gold Partner and Silver Partner status in favour of Microsoft Solutions Partner designations, covering six specific solution areas including Security. This change was to recognise the specialist expertise and capabilities of partners that customers continue to require and look for.

As a Microsoft-only cyber security house, we had been preparing for the change since it was announced back in March 2022. When the new programme launched, we were delighted to officially become an inaugural Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, losing the now-redundant Gold Partner status in the process.

You might have noticed the new logo proudly sitting on our website, such as on the Managed XDR page, and you’ll no doubt notice it on other collateral too.

Although the process for Quorum Cyber was smooth and straightforward, it wasn’t automatic because Microsoft always demands high standards from every company they partner with. In the past six months our teams had to prove their capabilities in the three key areas of performance, skilling and customer success. For these, we were measured on our certifications, the number of customers we’re defending, successful deployments and our overall growth to give a total partner capability score. Now that we have this prestigious badge, we have to keep our standards high across all areas to retain the designation every year.

We achieved all of this while keeping our customers around the world secure and while continuing to expand our business in the UK, North America and other regions of the globe. To give you an insight, in the past six months we’ve recruited experienced cyber security experts, senior leaders and graduates to help more organisations on their cyber security journeys.

We’re truly honoured to be named a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, a title that verifies the quality of the services we provide for over 150 customers around the globe every day,” says Nathan Heard, Microsoft Alliance Manager at Quorum Cyber. “As we continue to expand our business worldwide, we aim to help defend as many organisations in the private, public and non-profit sectors as we can.”

Advantages of Microsoft’s new model

So why has Microsoft made these changes now and is it more than just a new name? With 400,000 partners around the world, Microsoft needed to distinguish them to focus on the industry-specific services their partners provide and to show and validate our high level of expertise in the specific field of Security. As Microsoft says on their blog, our specialist label “demonstrates our deep technical expertise and experience in specific technical scenarios” and showcases our organisation’s “proven capabilities to customers”.

So the new status should help organisations who are looking for a new service provider, or perhaps switch to a different cyber security company, to easily find one that has proven it delivers what it promises across all areas of cyber security, has a certified team of cyber security experts and has protected organisations around the world.

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