Developing secure code and securing development processes is critical to all organisations that want to protect valuable assets and intellectual property from a security breach.

Our Source Code Review process allows organisations to demonstrate (objectively) the security maturity of their product to their customers and investors. Source code reviews executed by certified cyber security professionals offer an unparalleled level of confidence in internal development teams, and ensure new applications are secure, do not introduce new vulnerabilities, and remain protected from risk.  

Quorum Cyber’s DevOps Security model follows the speed of your Business, working closely to your development, operations, and security teams to understand how they work and embed agile cyber security practices to their DevOps lifecycle.

Walking the talk

Quorum Cyber has a team dedicated to secure software development. We have developed our own unique solutions, including the code behind the Big Red Button platform. This experience, combined with our penetration testing background, gives us a unique view of secure coding practices, and unrivalled experience with DevOps security capabilities.