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XDR - the answer to modern attacks

Where MDR provides 24/7 detection and response, Managed XDR delivers a full managed Microsoft Defender ecosystem (Microsoft XDR), along with Microsoft Entra ID Protection, focused on continuous optimisation of your protections and controls, providing comprehensive security across your whole IT estate.

Attacks are blocked earlier, attacker dwell time is reduced, and your security teams are freed up to concentrate on your core business rather than ongoing product management.

  • Enables organisations to reduce their total cost of ownership (typically >30%) of security products and services by doing more with less – the benefits of a combined, integrated ecosystem such as Microsoft Defender and Sentinel products drastically increase visibility, protection and detection – for less cost
  • Increases effectiveness of security teams – your teams can focus on security improvements across the estate rather than having to be product experts or handling incidents and alerts that can be automatically blocked or handled
  • Drives organisational success and business resilience – even on your worst day, your organisation can still thrive when the security tooling and services are working optimally and able to contain and lockdown breaches rapidly
  • Drastically reduces attacker dwell time and impacts – optimised controls, automated responses, and flexibility to make rapid changes in an emergency to block attackers quickly
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements – carefully configured tooling will ensure you can meet critical regulatory and compliance standards.

Why out-of-the-box deployments aren’t enough in security

Many organisations invest in security tooling, such as endpoint or network protection and response tooling, take it ‘out of the box’, ‘plug’ it in and sit back thinking that there’s nothing more to do, and that their IT estate is secure from there on. The hard truth is that they’re missing a crucial step that could prove to be the difference between business as usual and their worst day ever.

Many organisations use only a fraction of their cyber security products’ features and fail to achieve a full return on their investment. Microsoft XDR offers an integrated approach to security tooling, the costs of which are potentially already incorporated into existing Microsoft licenses.

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