We understand the pressure SMEs and even mid-sized enterprises have to run lean IT operations. In the past, security was handled by the network team with a bit of help from the server team. With the ever increasing tide of cyber attacks this is no longer sustainable.

Quorum Cyber has harnessed new technologies to develop a range of innovative, born-in-the-cloud, security services that we affectionately named Big Red Button. Big Red Button is a collection of jargon-free services designed to protect your people from cyber-attacks, ensuring business and customer data remain safe and available. Think of it as enterprise grade security without the enterprise price tag.

  • Phish: a machine/human hybrid email phishing protection service

  • Click: an in-house developed DNS protection platform to guard against ‘happy clickers’

  • Net: a cloud generation, managed Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC)

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