investigate and examine

Cyber security is now one of the top concerns of all businesses worldwide, and a serious breach is quickly becoming the worst case scenario – an ‘unforgivable event’ – that has a direct impact on customers and markets. A breach can have devastating consequences:

  • Equifax in 2017 (wiped 30% of the company’s valuation);

  • Mossack Fonseca, the law firm involved in the Panama Papers scandal, closed at the end of 2017;

  • Facebook’s loss of trust in 2018 with the – now bankrupt – Cambridge Analytica’s data scandal; 

Organisations need clarity, knowing how to prepare and respond to a breach when it happens to them.

Quorum Cyber has created a specialised service that combines cutting-edge technologies with a team of experienced forensic security breach investigators to help business understand if they have suffered a breach in the past, identify the root cause, and deliver sustainable remediation actions.

For real-time incidents, our services enable organisations to react to a breach effectively, understand the true extent of a security incident, identify and remediate the root cause of a compromise and manage the context of a breach, including appropriate communications to internal and external stakeholders.