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In this inhospitable and unpredictable digital climate, it is all too common for security professionals to feel unsupported and lonely while trying to defend their organisation from the rising number of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This is why here at Quorum Cyber we wanted to create ARQCUS, a community that will ensure no-one tackles the cyber security challenge alone.

Federico Charoksy, Founder & CEO, Quorum Cyber

ARQCUS is ...

An exclusive membership which provides timely and carefully curated information, advice and support for you as an individual by creating a forum of peers across a small selection of our customers’ organisations. It’s a safe and shared space for you to exchange lessons and ideas with your counterparts in other companies and industries.

Each member organisation may have two nominated participants.

We will be deliberately restricting entry to ARQCUS to 10 customers in year one, ensuring that we deliver a tailored executive offering.

ARQCUS will address the following challenges that many senior cyber security leaders face today:

  • Overwhelmed by too much information coming in from too many sources
  • Constantly trying to keep up to date but never having quite enough time
  • Lack of confidence that your knowledge is where it needs to be to stay well informed on current and emerging threats
  • Feelings of isolation and loneliness arising from the responsibility of having to keep your organisation safe and secure, and the consequences of failing to do so
  • Fear of sharing concerns with peers and colleagues.


Many organisations feel like they are tackling the cyber security challenge alone without dedicated professional support or access to the crucial information they need to adequately protect their IT estate, their data, their customers and their business. They may not have the resources, know-how, expertise and experience to proactively achieve cyber resilience.

As an ARQCUS member, you’ll learn about evidence-based best practices, insights into hot topics and the latest developments in the world of cyber security. You’ll receive threat intelligence you can use to reduce risk for your organisation, ahead of the curve. Membership also gives you the opportunity to share knowledge with peers in your industry and with market-leading businesses in other sectors.

As a member of ARQCUS, you will receive:

Access to Quorum Cyber’s strategic advisory board members

Quorum Cyber’s board comprises individuals with extensive experience in cyber security, in particular in intelligence, having worked in advisory capacity across military organisations, UK and regional governments and industry.

Your membership gives you the opportunity to schedule a quarterly one-hour online meeting with a member of the advisory board. For members wanting an update on global threats, geopolitical activities or input to a cyber strategy, these sessions will be of significant strategic value to your organisation.

Annual strategy session with Quorum Cyber CEO Federico Charosky

As a customer you may have already met and spoken with our CEO. The annual strategy session guarantees that you can access time with our CEO and connect them with your own C-suite or board, should you choose to. These sessions can be used to discuss your organisation’s cyber strategy and plans for the long term. The focus for the session can be agreed in advance with each member.

Monthly executive insights especially curated for ARQCUS members

Staying up to date and knowing where to source trusted information is never easy. Quorum Cyber will provide relevant curated insights and information in an easily digestible format. This will include monthly executive insights, bi-monthly Gartner insights and more.

Monthly cyber briefing roundtable with ARQCUS members

As a member you will have an exclusive invite to a monthly cyber briefing focused on current activities and threats happening at that time. It is an opportunity to stay up to date on recent events and to also share and learn from other members. The briefings will run with Chatham House rules and will not be recorded. Guest speakers will be invited to talk on key topics each month.

Invites to executive in-person evening roundtables

With your membership, you will be invited to a minimum of three in-person evening roundtables a year. These will give you engagement a chance to meet with Quorum Cyber executives, Quorum Cyber’s Strategic Advisory board and other ARQCUS members.

Company-specific threat intelligence

As a member, you will receive a company-specific threat intelligence report. Our Threat Intelligence team will discuss your requirements in advance of creating the report and they will also talk you through the findings once the report is completed.

Threat Intel updates and briefings

When a major zero-day occurs (for example, WannaCry or Log4j) Quorum Cyber will create an online war-room for ARQCUS members to share intel as soon as possible.

Quorum Cyber also commits to sharing a recorded video providing information and intelligence related to global activities no later than two business days of Quorum Cyber being made aware of this exploit. This will be supplemented with a live online briefing and open discussion exclusively for members which will take place in no later than five business days, the timing of which can be influenced by ARQCUS members if this is needed sooner.

Member-enhanced service wrap

As a member, you will be assigned a membership executive who will check in regularly to ensure that you are utilising and accessing your member benefits.

Members will be able to contact us through a dedicated ARQCUS email address to ensure a rapid response to any ARQCUS related queries and also to allow any general issues to be escalated quickly to Quorum Cyber’s leadership team.

Note: This should NOT be used for live incidents which should be reported directly to the SOC.

Be part of the most exclusive membership in cyber security.

You don’t have to tackle cyber security alone. Partner with our experienced professionals and gain access to valuable insights, the latest developments and the opportunity to share knowledge and lessons with your peers in other industries.

We look forward to welcoming you to ARQCUS.