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Published: 30th August 2023 | In: News

Black Hat USA is an annual event that brings together a variety of people interested in information security, ranging from non-technical individuals and executives to hackers and security professionals. The six-day conference takes place in Las Vegas and opens with four days of specialised cyber security trainings, followed by a two-day main conference featuring briefings, open-source tool demos, a business hall, networking and social events, and more. The event offers unique opportunities for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the field of information security and to network with other professionals in the industry.

Scott Abney, Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Vasquez, VP of Alliances and Partnerships, and Ricky Simpson, Solutions Director, were present at the conference. They spent their time speaking with current and prospective customers, other partners in the security space, and with our main partners at Microsoft.

As a valued member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Quorum Cyber were invited to present at the Microsoft Security theatre on the conference floor. This was one of six sessions reserved for top MISA members, and an opportunity to present a “better together” story with Microsoft. Ricky presented a session titled “Outmanoeuvre insider threats: Generative AI for risk mitigation”, which detailed how Quorum Cyber can use generative AI to enrich SOC incidents proactively, and empower organisations to get ahead of insider risk scenarios before they happen.

Feedback from the session was excellent, with Maria Thomson, MISA Lead for Microsoft, saying “Partners in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association provide customer confidence that their sensitive data, employees’ identities, applications, infrastructure and endpoints are always secure. Quorum Cyber have established themselves as a contributing member and exemplifies the mission of the MISA community. It is a pleasure working with such pros and subject matter experts. This session that Ricky delivered was exceptionally informative and gave valuable insights into how Quorum Cyber and Microsoft work together to protect our mutual customers.”

Ricky also appeared on the popular SecurityGuyTV.com web series to promote his session at the conference, and to raise awareness about some of the unique advantages of being a Quorum Cyber customer.

Every organisation should have awareness of their exposure to insider risk. Without the correct processes and technology in place, it’s one of the most difficult security incidents to capture, because as far as authentication or access is concerned, the users exfiltrating information very often have legitimate business justification for accessing the information in the first place. Please get in touch with us to chat about what we can do for your organisation to help mitigate the risk that a rogue insider may pose to you.

Everyone’s a target

For Scott, Black Hat was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with his network of past employees and customers. It was also a reminder that today every organisation is a target for cybercriminals; CEOs and CISOs must work together to overcome this challenge.

We fight bullies in the US too

Although most of our customers are based in the UK, we’re now building our business in the US where we already defend a number of organisations across multiple sectors. Our ‘land and expand’ strategy is to replicate what we do in the UK: strengthen our relationships with Microsoft, MISA, Gartner and Forrester, and deliver the same high-quality services to our customers across the US.