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Home / Explore our latest insights / A very serendipitous appointment indeed as Kerry Finlayson joins Quorum Cyber as Head of Development

Published: 13th October 2020 | In: News

With over ten years’ experience of working in development, Kerry Finlayson is the latest addition to the team at Quorum Cyber.

Kerry has worked in several different organisations, ranging from small and mid-size enterprises, to much larger corporate entities all in completely different industries. As some of you may know, development, and being a development manager, can mean many different things depending on the business or the industry in which a person is operating.

A good development manager, in essence, should plug the gaps that the development team need support with. That could be a bit of the Analysts work, some development when required, a little bit of the product owner work as well as considering and developing the actual product roadmap itself. And then there is obviously all of the logistical considerations that come into force when managing a team. It really is a very unique and varied role.

A Development Manager has a real impact on an organisation and a good development manager thrives on this ability to affect change, lead innovation and develop new and exciting practices. And Quorum Cyber have landed more than just a good individual as Head of Development; Kerry is one of the best. This is clearly evident when we listen to Kerry describe just what exactly it is that a good development team can (and should) do for their organisation.

A good development team should know what’s coming, there should never be huge surprises. That’s not to say the big surprise won’t happen, there can always be an incident, but the best dev teams plan so meticulously that no one incident will throw us completely into disarray.

One of the key focuses for Kerry and her development team will be Clarity, Clarity is Quorum Cyber’s combined portal and platform, which provides continuous tracking and insights, giving our customers simple, clear, real-time visibility of alerts, incidents, and actions – across all monitored systems.

“Clarity really is a fantastic tool for our customers, it gives them a central HUB where they can view any and all applications they purchase, giving them a clear and concise overview of where they are at that moment in time, with regards to their organisations cyber security. The thing that really excites me is that Clarity, in its current form, is just a fraction of where we are going to take it. Clarity is going to become the one area that the customer will go to. This will help them to, not only assess where their current risks are, but also, it will help our customers to see exactly what areas their money is being spent on and how that impacts their overall security risk.”

Quorum Cyber are proud to present Clarity as being the ideal security ecosystem for an organisation. With Clarity, the power and knowledge around the customers’ business’ own cyber security is placed firmly in their own hands, something which is just the start of what Kerry views as taking Clarity to the next level and, ultimately, delivering the perfect tool to help Quorum Cyber and their customers become valued cyber security partners.

Clarity will, given time, become a one-stop-shop for all our customers cyber security needs, creating a really unique and collaborative approach to servicing our clients. By constantly monitoring and evaluating, the team are always looking to add more value to Clarity and the system is improving daily. It is this particular kind of innovation that I personally find so exciting.

Quorum Cyber make a point of listening to customer feedback, knowing that only by listening to the actual real-world needs of clients are they able to create and innovate in such a way that adds true value to the relationship they have together.

“I am delighted with Kerry’s addition to the team. Kerry brings with her a lot of passion and drive as well as the knowledge and ability to truly lead by example; both on a personal and a professional level.”

Federico Charosky, Managing Director at Quorum Cyber