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Published: 18th June 2020 | In: News

Each year, the month of June is when we come together to uplift the voices of our LGBTQI+ community members, honouring and continuing in the legacy of those who stood up for equal rights in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. In 2020, however, Pride marches and events are being severely limited by the COVID pandemic, impacting the visibility, education, campaign, and fundraising opportunities for LGBTQI+ charities. So, this year, we’re partnering with LGBT Youth Scotland to host a virtual pride event, with all funds raised going towards their vital work – and you’re all invited!

The event will bring folks together from across cybersecurity, tech, and the third sector – along with all who wish to show their Pride with us – for an evening of quizzical fun, hosted by Edinburgh’s own Garry Andrew Mullen, a.k.a. The Roaming Quizman of CC Bloom’s quiz night fame.

Taking place virtually, the #StillProud quiz night will ensure we’re all physically distanced, but socially connected. Make sure you can register to attend on the official event website.

Get to Know LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Youth Scotland are Scotland’s national charity for LGBTI young people, working with 13–25 year-olds across the country. They also deliver the LGBT Charter programme to schools, organisations and businesses.

Their goal is to make Scotland the best place to grow up for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex young people. Playing a leading role in the provision of quality youth work to LGBTI young people that promotes their health and wellbeing, and are a valued and influential partner in LGBTI equality and human rights.

Their team fundraises every summer during Pride season to help sustain their youth work services. This year would have been no different… if only lockdown hadn’t happened. The Covid-19 pandemic means a lot of their usual fundraising activities have had to come to a sudden halt and, as with many charities, this will have an enormous effect on their ability to keep services running.

While they were fortunate enough to be able to move all of their youth work services online without a break in service provision, we still need to help fundraise for them to be able to keep their youth groups running. This is why they launched their fantastic #StillProud campaign.

Continuing Support

Of course, supporting our LGBTI+ community members cannot be limited to the month of June. As we grow our partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland, we aim to continue support of progress. Both internally through team culture development, welcoming external guidance and accountability; and externally by providing ongoing support for those individuals, teams, and organisations that work for positive change and the achievement of equality in our communities possible.

We look forward to sharing updates as we progress, sharing inspiration on ways that you, too, can support positive change. As well as inviting accountability and ideas on how we can be better, and do better.

Join the Virtual Pride Quiz Night

Join us on Thursday the 29th of June, at 7pm, for our Pride Quiz Night event, with LGBT Youth Scotland.

Click to Register for the event.