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Published: 4th September 2020 | In: News

And so, just like that, it’s been nearly a week of walking (or for the more adventurous types – running, jogging, cycling et al.) in support of CHAS and their Summer Fundraising Appeal, Run 100 Raise 100. It is more important now than it ever has been to support charities in Scotland, the UK and abroad, with the cancelling of major fundraising events, a stop to most local gatherings and just about everything else in between. Charities the world over are having to think of new and innovative ways to continue doing the vital work they do for vulnerable people in our communities. That is why CHAS are running a virtual (or remote, whatever the accepted lexicon is these days) Fundraising Appeal, so that they can continue to raise the necessary funds which allow them to reach the children and their families in Scotland who need them the most.

Team Quorum Cyber are delighted to be given the chance to support CHAS and the gang certainly were not slow off the mark. Marketing Manager, Karen, has kept up a steady and sure pace of two walks a day since September 1st, keeping the rest of the team well and truly on their toes (no matter how many times we tell her it’s not competitive).

Account Manager, Jonathan, brings a bit of versatility to the team by being the one who has chosen to cycle his way to 100km, it has yet to be confirmed whether he will be available to give any ‘backies’ to the slower ones in the team!?

Jordan, our continuously hungry Security Analyst, has managed to tie his daily walks into his daily ‘stuffing his face at Greggs’ routine; which has worked out nicely. Jordan is opting for a “one calorie out, one calorie in” exercise regime.

One team member who is an old hat at the exercise game is Security Analyst, Rob . Rob has an impressive record for August and will be hoping to carry on such fine form into September – when it really matters! Rob has been quoted as saying “I will happily walk a few extra miles in support of CHAS” … unconfirmed which team members will be donating any excess mileage to Rob, although, we do have an idea.

Head of Managed Services and our Managing Director, David and Federico, have also both shown impressive displays in the early stages, David has proven to be quite the fan of rainy walks – which is handy as he is walking in Scotland, and Federico, well, he put mind, body and soul on the line as he ran, complete with a pounding head-cold…at around 5.45am! Now, that’s dedication!

A couple of team members have, in fact, been slower off the mark, however, we are fully confident that by this time next week, all Team Quorum Cyber walkers, runners, joggers and cyclists will be fully accounted for … lest they be named and shamed!

Remember, you can support the team over at Just Giving and keep up-to-date with their progress, they are currently at almost 70km from a target of 500, so lots more to go, be sure and check back in!

As seen by, Federico … allegedly!