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Published: 9th October 2023 | In: Insights

In today’s digital age, the threat landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and new threats are emerging every month. Cyber security has never been as critical as it is now. At Quorum Cyber, we understand how important it is for our customers to have a detailed view of their vulnerabilities and security incidents, and an overview of the analyses completed by our security analysts to better understand their overall security posture.

This is why we developed Clarity – our customer platform designed to provide you with a single pane-of-glass view of your security landscape. It offers a simple, yet detailed display of your security incidents and vulnerabilities, and facilitates interaction with our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) team across every incident that’s raised and investigated.

Prioritise your exposures for remediation

As an organisation, you’re likely dealing with huge volumes of vulnerabilities and exposures that could potentially harm your digital environment. With Clarity, you can view all known vulnerabilities and the assets you are scanning through us, and how this then translates into actual exposures which should be remediated within your environment where possible. We know that our customers have different challenges, both in volume and nature, and that the resources available to remediate and patch exposures vary across industries and businesses. Through our remediation package functionality, you can group exposures and create prioritised packages of work to allow you to focus your resources on the most pressing issues first, ensuring that your security investment is working efficiently to safeguard your business.

Interact with us through Clarity

As always, you can communicate with our SOC team and reach our analysts directly about any individual incidents that have been raised. If you have any feedback on Clarity, want to raise any new security incidents, or want to get in touch with us about general service requests, this is available on the main dashboard. And of course, outside of Clarity our security analysts will still escalate any critical incidents via a phone call to your dedicated contact points when needed. This direct line of communication ensures that you always have a helping hand when navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.

Enhancements to help you understand your security incidents

In cyber security, every second counts. With Clarity, you can already view the details of all your security incidents in real time around the clock. And now we’re making it even easier for you to see every piece of information you need at a glance. We’re currently rolling out changes to ensure we capture the most important information in a succinct and easily digestible format. For example, soon, on each ticket, you’ll be able to see a summary of the situation, background, analysis and recommendations based on our analyst’s investigation and assessment.

Investing for the future

Over the next three years, we’re investing to make Clarity the most advanced interactive customer platform of its kind in the industry. But it will be more than just a customer platform – we want it to be a comprehensive view of your security landscape. Right now, we’re planning a series of exciting new features and functionalities. We’re looking forward to any questions or feedback you have on Clarity as it stands today, or about the platform we’re building for tomorrow.