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Home / Explore our latest insights / Leading and Innovating in a Fast Changing World | Quorum Cyber Conversation with Olaf Hartong

Published: 19th August 2020 | In: QC in Conversation

Our very own Federico Charosky is joined by Co-founder and Defensive Specialist at Falcon Force, Olaf Hartong, to discuss Leadership and Innovation in a Fast Changing World.

Join them as they provide invaluable insight into a range of topics, including the rapid evolution of MITRE and how they are extending their own thinking into a multitude of other dimensions, as well as, just how important this kind of ‘attacker-led’ thinking is to the industry. Is the security industry now innovating more rapidly than the attack industry and how do we deal with the rate of change?

Find out Federico and Olaf’s thoughts, and so much more, in the latest Quorum Cyber Conversation.



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