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Published: 9th March 2020 | In: News

Addressing both internal and external teams, Managing Director of Quorum Cyber, Federico Charosky issued the following statement regarding our coronavirus action plan. Including our ongoing commitment to the security and health of clients and employees.


Dear All,

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Quorum Cyber has published our Action Plan, which details the steps we are taking to protect our people and our Customers.

The Action Plan is a living document, and we will continuously update it as the situation develops.

Currently, Quorum Cyber is working on a “LEVEL 3” of alert and readiness: we have not yet felt any disruption to our operation, and we are able to respond to all customer requests as required and within our SLAs.

At Quorum Cyber, we love the cloud and the flexibility it gives us both for quality of life as well as for contingency planning. As a cloud-only company, we consider our offices a convenient place to meet and collaborate. However, we are equally capable of providing you with the excellent service you’ve come to expect from us from the comfort of our own homes.

We are also aware that this situation may be exploited by threat actors wishing to take advantage of under-resourced security teams that may be suffering the consequences of the pandemic.

Our Security Operations Centre and Incident Response teams are on high-alert and ready to respond; our role is clear – we defend organisations from cyber-attacks, and we plan to keep doing just that throughout this present situation.

Please do keep monitoring our Action Plan for news and updates, and do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Federico Charosky
Managing Director
Quorum Cyber Security Ltd.

Situation Readiness Levels
Readiness Condition Description Readiness
 LEVEL 1 Significant disruption to our operations is imminent or has already started.

Significant disruption to our operation is
imminent or has already started
Focus on critical business processes only.
 LEVEL 2  Minor disruption to our operation is imminent or has already started.  Activate contingency plans and triage resources accordingly.
 LEVEL 3  No immediate disruption to our operations has taken place, but are starting to see other organisations around showing signs of disruption.  Daily briefings and constant monitoring of the situation.
LEVEL 4  No disruption to our operations has taken place, but we are aware of a threat that could develop into a live situation. Above normal readiness.
LEVEL 5  Lowest state of readiness. We are not aware of any imminent threats that could develop into a live situation. Normal readiness.


Read the Quorum Cyber COVID-19 Action Plan via the link below, where we will be issuing regular updates on the status of the outbreak, our guidance, and responsive actions.

Quorum Cyber – COVID-19 Action Plan