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Published: 8th March 2020 | In: News

In this pivotal year of growth and transformation, the Quorum Cyber team is proud to become signatories of the TechTalent Charter (TTC).

As signatories, we commit to working together with fellow signatories to increase the diversity of the technology workforce in the UK – pursuing a diversity and inclusion agenda in recruitment and retention of tech talent.

The Charter is founded on the belief that tech (digital) talent is critical to the future of the UK economy, and that attracting and retaining talented people who fully reflect the society that the world of tech (digital) serves provides the UK with a competitive edge.

As TechTalent Charter signatories, we undertake to:

  • Support attraction, recruitment and retention practices that are designed to increase the diversity of our workforce;
  • Define our own timetable for change and implement the strategy that is right for Quorum Cyber;
  • Measure the diversity profile of our UK employees and to share this data for (anonymous) collective publication.

With this undertaking as signatories of the TTC, we pledge to promote diversity by:

  1. Having a senior-level, named representative with responsibility for the Charter commitments;
  2. Adopting inclusive attraction and recruitment processes, working toward a goal that, wherever possible, women are included on the shortlist for interviews and diverse talent is actively encouraged to apply for roles;
  3. Ensuring we have employment policies and practices that support the development and retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce;
  4. Working collectively with other signatories to develop, share and implement protocols and best practice for the practical implementation of the aims of this Charter;
  5. Contributing our employment diversity data into a common central anonymised database, for sharing amongst signatories bi-annually, and for publishing publicly in an annual report.

TTC CEO Debbie Forster, said

It’s vital for the industry to come together as a whole to do more to show females that a career in technology is incredibly rewarding, to increase the number of females working within the industry, to attract people who are considering a career change, and to encourage younger generations to consider these careers from the word go. One single company can’t do it alone, which is why we’re asking organisations to pledge their support for the Tech Talent Charter and join us on our exciting journey.

Here at Quorum Cyber, we’re excited to have the support and accountability that comes from being part of a community like the TTC. Championing the incredible talent and potential that exists in underrepresented members of our wider communities, welcoming greater diversity into Cybersecurity, and putting in the work to make cultures increasingly inclusive. Only together can we make this happen. Nurturing positive growth, innovation, and wellbeing for all.

We encourage more companies to sign-up and initiate bigger steps towards positive transformation this International Women’s Day. For more information please visit https://techtalentcharter.co.uk/

For further information on Quorum Cyber and our signatory role, get in touch via our contact page, addressing our internal personnel taking the lead on TTC commitments:

Bill Thomson, Resource Manager, and named representative with responsibility for Quorum Cyber’s TTC Commitments.

Audrey Opdycke-Barnes, Marketing Manager, and Principal Contact for the TTC.