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Published: 4th March 2020 | In: News


Within the communities of former members of the Armed Forces, and reservists, lies a wealth of untapped potential. Military experience instils personnel with agility and adaptability, having spent their working days navigating ever-changing contexts, challenges, roles, teams, and responsibilities. Often under huge amounts of pressure in hostile environments.

Across industries and sectors in the civilian world, we now face accelerated change. Especially in the digital realms of our lives. We must evolve quickly, and coordinate teams more effectively than ever, building resilience throughout our systems, cultures, and industries. Few more so than in cybersecurity, where threats faced and demands on teams are increasing in scale and complexity – all whilst facing growing skills gaps. In the words of Dr Natalie Coull, Head of the Division of Cyber Security at Abertay University, “The cyber industry is crying out for fresh talent every year”, and Veterans bring the knowledge, skills, and experience that can help us meet that call.

In support of efforts to make this all a reality, the Quorum Cyber team acts as employer partners for the newly founded Cyber Skills Programme, working directly with organisers at SaluteMyJob and Abertay University. Since its launch in early January 2020, we contribute through guest lectures, careers advice, and mentoring for individuals participating in the courses.

Delivered by Abertay University in Dundee, and funded by Skills Development Scotland, the first course in this programme aims to develop students’ ethical hacking and penetration testing skills – tapping straight into the advanced penetration testing expertise of the Quorum Cyber team.

The team at Quorum Cyber is incredibly proud to be working with SaluteMyJob. Being able to play a part in enabling service men and women to transition to civilian life, while applying their expertise and experience, is a privilege. What these individuals bring, we believe, is a true differentiator for Quorum Cyber, our teams, and our customers.

Federico Charosky, Managing Director, Quorum Cyber.

Throughout this period – and beyond – we aim to continue actively supporting efforts to make the transition of service men and women into cybersecurity a reality. In the coming months, as we navigate the challenges COVID-19, we are keeping up progress. Adapting and digitalising delivery, through virtual lectures and mentoring calls.

On May 5th 2020, our very own Federico Charosky will deliver his next talk to course participants, advising students on the skills and qualifications most relevant valued in the industry, and important ways for them to invest in themselves throughout their journey.

To keep up to date on the progression of the programme, head on over to Twitter and follow SaluteMyJob, Abertay University Division of Cybersecurity, Skills Development Scotland, and Quorum Cyber. We’ll be posting regular updates, including information on further opportunities for Veterans keen to bring their skills to the world of Cyber Security!