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Published: 15th March 2024 | In: Insights

This week, I had the privilege of attending the pre-brief for Microsoft Secure in San Francisco, an insightful gathering that showcased Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing organisational security.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, Quorum Cyber was one of only two managed security service providers (MSSPs) who were invited to this exclusive event. I was fortunate enough to watch live demonstrations, ask questions and share my thoughts and ideas. Around 25 press members attended.

A standout feature from the event was the introduction of Copilot for Security, a tool I’ve been closely evaluating since its release in October 2023! It will be launched to the market on 1st April. Quorum Cyber was named as a Preview Partner last year. This innovation is set to transform how we approach cyber security, and provide a more intuitive and efficient way to manage security protocols.

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s VCP for Security, guided us through multiple scenarios for Copilot for Security within the security solutions area. I enjoyed watching as many demonstrations as I could on Copilot for Security while I was there – seeing the artificial intelligence (AI) tool in action was impressive and inspiring.

Microsoft Excellence Awards

As a side note, the timing was perfect because while I was in the US, Quorum Cyber was also named as the finalist for two Microsoft Excellence awards: Security MSSP of the Year and Security Customer Champion. We also reached the final for two Microsoft Excellence Awards in 2023, so we’re building up excellent momentum and really raising our profile with the world’s leading cyber security vendor.

Copilot for Security is reported to speed up processes by 22% and improve incident accuracy by 49%. A remarkable 97% of users have expressed their desire to continue using the platform, a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to making security tools both effective and user-friendly. There’s no doubt that this is a ground-breaking approach to security, incorporating operations, threat management, reverse engineering, and incident reporting.

Another significant highlight was the discussion around Microsoft’s new Security Exposure Management. This feature represents a leap forward in our ability to safeguard digital environments, focusing on the meticulous management of exposure points within an organisation’s network. It offers automated processes for the identification and tagging of known entities, streamlining the detection and mitigation of potential security threats. This development is a testament to Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to bolster cyber security measures, ensuring businesses can better protect themselves against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Using Copilot for Security, Quorum Cyber can provide more efficient and in-depth investigations as part of our managed security services.

I’ll delve deeper into Copilot for Security in the coming days and weeks, so please check Quorum Cyber’s Insights pages to keep up to date.