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Our Managed Insider Risk service provides a comprehensive solution that will help identify and mitigate risks of insider threats within your organisation. The service utilises your Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management solution, which is a cloud-native tool that helps organisations like yours identify and remediate insider risk. This combines contextual user insights with behaviour analytics and risky activities to build up a risk alert.

Our team will work with your organisation to implement and manage this solution to help protect your sensitive data and assets from potential insider threats. While keeping you informed of any priority 1 incidents that you need to escalate.

What will you get as part of the service?

  • Professional services element for the design and deployment of Insider Risk policies. These will be mapped to different insights including departing staff members, mishandling of company data, security violations, high-value assets and people
  • Implementation and set-up of Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management solution within your environment
  • Onboarding of your organisation’s solution into our Security Operations Centre (SOC) for the set-up of Insider Risk signals into Sentinel and Quorum Cyber’s Clarity, so you can see what we see for full transparency
  • Ongoing management and monitoring of Insider Risk policies and alerts with clearly defined SLAs
  • Access to our team of experts to help investigate and respond to any Insider Risk incidents so you get the support your business needs
  • Regular reporting and analysis of Insider Risk incidents and trends

What benefits will you receive?

  • Early detection and prevention of insider threats to your organisation’s sensitive data and assets. Being proactive is key, don’t wait for things to just happen
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, data protection, IS027001
  • Monitor for HR incidents related to discriminatory language, targeted harassment, and offensive language
  • Reduced risk of reputational damage and financial losses due to insider threats
  • E-Surveillance platform to monitor electronic communication through email, chat and third-party data
  • Enhanced security posture through proactive management of Insider Risk policies and alerts
  • Increased visibility into Insider Risk incidents and trends through regular reporting and analysis from our dedicated incident analysts

What technologies will we use?

We’re a Microsoft-only house, we utilise best-of-suite solutions that are built-in and not built on. With this, we can take advance of signals from your security infrastructure, combined with endpoint, cloud services and user behaviour.

The typical solutions we use to provide insights and intelligence are:

Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Insider Risk service.

Our team of experts will work with you to implement and manage the Insider Risk Management solution to ensure your organisation is compliant with regulatory requirements and has an enhanced security posture.