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Published: 14th April 2020 | In: Tech Blog

On April 8th, 2020, we were joined by Microsoft Scotland CTO for the Public Sector, Blair Lochrie, to run the first of Quorum Cyber’s Azure Clinic events. Quorum Cyber’s own experts provided insights from their management and development of our Professional and Manager Services, including our Head of Managed Services, David McKenzie, and Managing Director Federico Charosky.

Providing technical reviews and demonstrations of the Microsoft ecosystem’s security tools and capabilities – including Azure Security Centre, Sentinel, and Defender ATP – the session was truly interactive, with questions coming in from attendees throughout. Stay tuned for a full write-up of answers to questions asked during the event.

Those of you who were able to join us not only represent a fantastic diversity of sectors and specialisms, but also critical thinking and ideas. By contributing your questions, you’re actively enabling our team to understand the challenges you face, and tackle, with Microsoft Azure each day – and help provide answers that contribute most value to you and your teams.

Should you have any questions about the tools and capabilities demonstrated in this Azure Security Clinic – or have requests for topics of our future events – just get in touch with our team, at: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you again, with focuses on more of the security tools, methodologies, and insights available to overcome cyber security challenges across industries and sectors.

Video timeline:

0:00:00 – Introduction from Quorum Cyber’s Managing Director, Federico Charosky.

0:03:37 – Introduction to Microsoft and Quorum Cyber’s collaborative security technology development, by Microsoft Scotland’s Public Sector CTO, Blair Lochrie.

0:27:16 – Guidance on where to keep up learning, in-line with the fast-paced technology development at Microsoft, from Blair Lochrie.

0:35:45 – Introduction and demonstration of Azure Security Centre and Defender ATP, with Quorum Cyber’s Head of Managed Services, David McKenzie.

1:29:00 – Introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Azure Sentinel, with Quorum Cyber’s Managing Director, Federico Charosky.


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