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Published: 5th June 2018 | In: Insights

1994 was a pretty good year. The year of The Shawshank Redemption, Dumb and Dumber, Pulp Fiction.

It was the age of Britpop, Oasis v. Blur, and the first season of Friends was on the telly. Trump hadn’t thought of being President yet (probably), “Brexit” hadn’t been coined. Phishing was just a typo and GDPR stood for Glasgow Dawsholm Park Rangers (probably).

It was also the year five of our Security team were born. A bumper year for future Cyber Security experts.

Not that we insist all newbies are born in 1994! We have staff members from all decades from the 1950’s right up to the 2000’s, though this later team member is an intern, learning and contributing to the world of work before even starting his University career. At Quorum Cyber we are firm believers in having a range of ages in the workplace. We believe this brings diversity, mutual learning between colleagues of different ages and a balance of experience and fresh ideas.

Our philosophy is “if you’re the right fit for the company, we can teach you the rest”.

Couple the well documented digital skills gap with the relatively high unemployment rate in young people and you see why we are so keen to invest in supporting these young people towards and into employment. It makes sense for our business, the Security industry, and the wider economy.

It’s probably no great surprise that youth is attracted to IT Security. It is a young specialisation itself, only now growing into maturity. The world’s first degree in Ethical Hacking was only launched as recently as 2006, right here in Scotland at Dundee’s Abertay University, of which no less than six of our current team are alumni.
Federico, our MD, has lived and worked throughout Europe, America (North and South) and the Middle East. There is no doubt that the world leading academic landscape in cyber security which has grown and flourished in Scotland with Abertay, Napier, Glasgow Caledonian and others, was a key part in his decision to invest in Scotland rather than elsewhere. The high-quality talent these Universities produce is the life blood of organisations like Quorum Cyber and Scotland should be immensely proud of this world leading sector.

From my perspective, one of the great pleasures of working for Quorum is in simply being around the huge levels of enthusiasm and positivity our graduates bring with them to the workplace.

We have tried hard to create an environment where this eagerness is encouraged, supported and harnessed, where all have a voice, and all ideas are listened to, regardless of age.

Watching this talented bunch grow and flourish, and playing my own small part in its nurturing, is an absolute pleasure. I have no doubt that today we have working for us at Quorum Cyber, some of tomorrow’s big influencers and thought leaders in Cyber Security and I look forward to seeing them emerge.


Bill Thomson

Bill is Resource Manager at Quorum Cyber. He helps build reliable teams of talented, intelligent, creative individuals.

We’re always looking for bright minds to join our team, so get in touch if you think you’d be ‘the right fit’, Contact Us