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Published: 18th September 2020 | In: News

Where to even begin as we start to wrap things up for the #Run100Raise100 in support of Children’s Hospices Across Scotland!?

The team have been, quite frankly, herculean in their efforts to each run, walk and cycle their ways to 100km – bringing the team total up to a whopping 800km! But, in true Quorum Cyber style, 100km each just wasn’t enough … for some, 100km was definitely enough for Stuart.

Marketing Manager, Karen, became the first person to hit the 100km mark and, immediately, she just kept on walking! There really was nothing else to be done as she wasn’t actually home by the time she hit the 100km mark.

Security Analyst, Rob, is another one who is going above-and-beyond the call-of-duty as he has – willingly we may add – offered to take on an EXTRA 100km cycle after completing his own 100km earlier in the week. News is just coming in, it wasn’t actually Rob’s idea, it was his wife’s. We can confirm this to be the case with most of Rob’s “ideas”. Again, what a performance from Rob and we hope you have all been entertained with his awesome snaps from the journey.


Jordan, has been cheered on by a plethora of extremely generous supporters who very kindly donated to the cause. On behalf of Jordan, and everybody at Quorum Cyber; thank you so much!

The Battle of the Bikes continued this week as Jonathan and David fought for two-wheeled supremacy as both charged down their own 100km. Some more epic shots of a very bewildered looking David really helped to paint the picture of just how easy *cough cough* the challenge has been.

Federico, and his trusty photographer, were up to their old tricks again, capturing some more amazing shots from some very fresh-looking Scottish mornings. There does appear to be some kind of Flamingo like creature present in one, we have unconfirmed reports that Federico sent his man out on a particularly long run this week. Or it could also be the fact that we really do not know our fowl. Both options are pretty valid.

A fine Floridian morning …


Richard continues to impress as he powers through his own injury in order to complete his 100km. This is the very definition of support and Richard is an example for us all as he continues to eat up those kilometres on his trusty steed, who he calls Shadowfax; The Lord of All Bikes.

And then we have Stuart. In true “Stu” fashion, he will be taking the #Run100Raise100 challenge right down to the wire. However, after clocking in a new World (sorry, Personal) record of 8km the other night, he is in absolutely no doubt about smashing (okay, maybe not smashing) his 100km. We caught up with Stuart just after putting in his recent record-breaking effort the other night, he had this to say:

“This has been amazing, I literally have not exercised in over a year and to be able to actually achieve 100km is crazy for me! But even better, it’s in support of CHAS who really need our support right now.”

We just want to thank everybody who has taken part in the challenge, everyone who has been generous enough to support Team Quorum Cyber and, most importantly, we want to sincerely thank CHAS for all the amazing work they do across Scotland for children and their families. If you would like to support Team Quorum Cyber and CHAS, there is still time left, head over to Just Giving and help Children’s Hospices Across Scotland reach as many children, and their families, as possible.