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Published: 27th October 2022 | In: News

As one of the UK’s fastest growing cyber security companies with over 150 customers worldwide, Quorum Cyber knows the importance of offensive security. Every organisation’s IT infrastructure has defensive frailties and the longer these go undetected, the greater the opportunity for exploitation.  

Testing defences with the mindset of a threat actor and fixing any weaknesses before adversaries can take advantage of them can be the difference between being secure or being breached.   

That’s why we’ve developed a range of cleverly-designed services to help you stay one step ahead. Working with a cybercriminal’s mindset, our creative CREST-certified professionals use a combination of automated software tools, proprietary scripts and manual techniques to probe IT infrastructure for exploitable vulnerabilities that would otherwise allow unauthorised access to system components, applications and data.  

All our services are time-limited security assessments that we can tailor to any organisation’s precise requirements. Our services are: 

  • Active Directory Assessment 
  • Breakout Assessment  
  • Build Review Assessment 
  • Cloud Security Assessment 
  • Code Review Assessment 
  • External Infrastructure Assessment 
  • Insider Threat Assessment 
  • Mobile Application Service Assessment 
  • Perimeter Assurance – combining External Infrastructure Assessment and continued Vulnerability Assessment for even better value 
  • Social Engineering Assessment 
  • Red Team Assessment 
  • Web Application Assessment & Web Service Assessment  
  • Wireless Assessment.  

I’m really pleased to offer our Offensive Services to the market, so that any organisation, of any size and complexity in any industry, can take positive actions to identify and remediate weaknesses in their IT estate before damage can be inflicted, says Quorum Cyber Founder & CEO Federico Charosky. “Our consultants have a wide range of experience helping customers to strengthen their security posture, thereby preventing cyber-attacks and reducing the likelihood of having to invest more resources and money reacting to incidents.

About Quorum Cyber 

Founded in Edinburgh in 2016, Quorum Cyber is one of the fastest growing cyber security companies in the UK with over 150 customers in four continents. Its mission is to help good people win and it does this by defending teams and organisations across the world and all industry sectors against the rising threat of cyber-attacks, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly hostile, unpredictable and fast-changing digital landscape. Quorum Cyber is a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). 

For more information, please visit www.quorumcyber.com or contact us at [email protected].