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Data is everywhere

For years, businesses have reported that the volume of data they store has outstripped their knowledge of what it’s all used for. Many can no longer manage it properly. While their employees need to access, work with, update and share data on a daily basis to do their jobs, companies are worried about deleting any data they might need at a later date. At the same time, strict regulations force them to destroy specific personal data after a fixed period of time.

Data is one of any organisation’s most valuable assets. But the more information they keep, the greater the risk of data loss, theft and exfiltration, either by accident, or by disgruntled employees who perhaps want to take valuable information with them to their next job, or just want to pass data on to make extra money. Alongside these risks, cyber threats have increased in frequency and become more sophisticated. So it’s now more important than ever to get to grips with your data and manage and protect it throughout its life cycle.

Data Security Assessment

Achieve a clear understanding of the storage, access and protection of one of your organisation’s most valuable assets.

In our four-part Compliance webinar series, Data Security Solution Director Graham Hosking draws upon over 20 years of experience to share his insights and practical tips. Watch the webinars to learn how to protect your most valuable assets and unleash the power of your data.

Protecting your crown jewels

We can help you make sure that your data is secure and compliant while reducing your data management costs. Our comprehensive data security service enables you to finally take control of all your data wherever it resides and minimise the risks of data loss or incurring fines from regulators.

Our approach is to put people, policies and culture first. We work alongside your teams to help you adopt a data security and compliance mindset. Once we have the foundations in place, we overlay the latest Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management, to scan, identify and label every type of structured and unstructured data, whether it’s stored in apps, devices, databases, on-premises or in the cloud.

Our experts can apply business logic to put appropriate rules in place around data use in your organisation. This will allow or restrict access to the right roles as and when necessary and ensure your employees can’t accidentally misuse information or send it externally to other parties. This will help you comply with regulations and improve your security posture. By monitoring users’ activity and behaviour – what we call contextual user insights – we can also help you gain a deeper understanding of your employees’ use of data. By labelling individuals anonymously to respect privacy standards, we can apply a risk score to their activities and triage useful information to you to build a picture of data use across your whole organisation.

Master your data to reduce risk

Our comprehensive data security services offers a wealth of benefits to organisations of any size and complexity in any industry:

Compliance FAQs

What regulations do Microsoft Purview and Quorum Cyber help organisations align with?

Microsoft Purview helps UK organisations comply with various industry and government regulations, including the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), plus hundreds more. Quorum Cyber will work with your organisation to understand what’s important to you, and help you on your journey to becoming compliant.

How does Quorum Cyber help organisations locate, understand, identify and label their data across their whole organisation?

Quorum Cyber utilises Microsoft tools that have AI-powered data mapping to help organisations identify and classify their data assets, regardless of where they are stored. This enables organisations to gain a comprehensive view of their data landscape, understand the relationships between different data sets, and identify sensitive or regulated data that requires special handling. Quorum Cyber can also customise these reports both on the business level and for the data owner to suit your needs.

How do Microsoft Purview and Quorum Cyber help organisations monitor user activities and behaviour to gain contextual user insights?

Microsoft Purview uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to help organisations monitor user activities and behaviour, enabling them to gain insights into who has access to their data, how it is being used, and when and where it is being accessed. This helps organisations identify potential security threats and prevent data loss or theft that is customised to you.

What hidden risks can Quorum Cyber help organisations uncover that may compromise data security?

Microsoft Purview can help organisations uncover hidden risks such as unsecured data storage locations, data silos, and outdated or insecure data handling practices. By providing a unified view of an organisation’s data assets, Quorum Cyber can help identify potential vulnerabilities in the organisation’s security infrastructure using these built-in capabilities and fine-tuning.

How can Quorum Cyber improve an organisation's data security posture?

We can improve an organisation’s data security posture by providing a comprehensive view of an organisation’s data landscape and enabling them to identify and classify sensitive or regulated data. We also look to recommend and implement appropriate security controls and access policies to protect your data.

How do tools such as Microsoft Purview help prevent data loss, data theft and exfiltration?

Microsoft Purview helps prevent data loss, data theft and exfiltration by providing organisations with contextual insights into who has access to their data and how it is being used. This enables organisations to monitor for unusual or suspicious activity and implement appropriate access controls and security policies.

How can Quorum Cyber help organisations minimise their overall risk exposure?

Quorum Cyber can help organisations minimize their overall risk exposure by providing a comprehensive view of their data landscape and enabling them to identify and mitigate potential security threats. This can help prevent financial losses, legal action, and reputational damage, from assisting with identity, security and compliance as a holistic approach.