Organisations have traditionally invested a tremendous amount of money and resources into securing technology but little, if anything, into securing their workforce. As a result people, not technology, have become the most common target for cyber attacks.

The most effective way to secure the human element is to establish a high-impact security awareness program that goes beyond compliance and drives behavioural changes to create a secure culture.

The impact we look for is to get people to adopt secure behaviours and good habits.

Quorum Cyber builds and delivers simple, clear, and pragmatic security awareness programmes for organisations looking to help keep their people safe. Everything we say, and every habit we ask people to adopt, makes their lives better both at home and at work.

Our programmes are created by a team of subject matter experts specialised in different fields, including cyber security, psychology, and graphic design. Our approach is to build partnerships with key departments, tailoring our communication channels and tone to fit the culture of the individual teams in focus. 

If you cannot measure it, it does not exist

Quorum Cyber's unique methodology includes a management dashboard that maintains valuable metrics to measure the effectiveness of the Security Awareness Programme as it is delivered. These metrics have been perfected over time, and are the result of years of research in this field. 

Every month Quorum Cyber will collect and present the management dashboard, analyse its results, and share positive success stories that demonstrate the impact of the Security Awareness Programme.