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Organisations need to be able to detect and respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident to reduce the financial, operational and reputational harm it can cause. Having effective cyber security and robust incident response plans and proceeds in place is crucial- as is the team’s ability to follow them.

Cyber Incident Exercising helps organisations establish how resilient they are to cyber incidents and practice their response – in a safe environment. Exercising also helps create a culture of learning within an organisation, improves familiarity with situations and processes and, provides an opportunity for relevant teams and individuals to develop and maximise their effectiveness during an incident.

Many tabletop exercises are very linear; to guide organisations to a set outcome. Quorum Cyber’s exercises take realistic scenarios and decades of industry experience to facilitate a bespoke, relevant, engaging, and flexible experience; tailored to your organisation’s threats, fears, environment, and technology stacks.

Meet Our Facilitators

Representatives from Quorum Cyber will help guide you through the exercise. They are neither on your side nor working against you. They are a strictly neutral observer providing inputs and responses to actions or inaction. They are, however, there to help and, if you are struggling, they will prompt progress by asking questions. Once participants have made their decision, the facilitator will inform the outcome and impact that the decision has had on the scenario.

Mark Cunningham-Dickie

Mark Cunningham-Dickie is the Cyber Incident Response Team Lead for Quorum Cyber. As well as leading technical specialists and organisations through the fallout from a cyber incident, Mark also helps companies develop Cyber Incident Response Plans and Playbooks that are specific to their environment meaning that, should the worst happen, recovery is far quicker and the impact to the organisation is minimised.

Richard Barratt

Richard Barratt is an Incident Response and Digital Forensics consultant within Quorum Cyber, specialising in assisting organisations develop their Cyber Incident Response capabilities and conducting triage, analysis and digital investigation activities in support of the response to active cyber incidents.

Richard built his experience in Security and Information Security across Operational Service in the UK Armed Forces, Police Scotland and in Subsea Engineering controls systems in the oil and gas sector.

Qualified lead auditor & management system consultant covering multiple ISO standards relating to Business Continuity, Quality Management and ISMS.

Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes is a Non-Executive Director for Quorum Cyber. Robert has a portfolio of Non-Executive Director & Strategic Advisory roles, supporting public & private sector organisations through complex change programmes, with a particular focus on risk & cybersecurity.

Robert spend 30 years working in senior positions in the UK Government, followed by ten years as a Senior Fellow of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments.

Are you challenge ready?

Our Cyber Exercising workshops test your plans, plays, and teams to make sure that everything works. Like any good coach, we work with you to help you learn lessons from each exercise to ensure that any weaknesses are bolstered and ensure that you are challenge ready.

Take your cyber resilience to the next level. Speak to our team about the cyber security challenges facing your organisation and how we can help.