Maturing Blue Team Strategy

Strong defence is a strong offense

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Organisations need the cooperation of both The Red Team and The Blue Team in order to get the complete picture of the security posture of their business.  The Red Team provides information on all the operations they performed while in ‘attack mode’ and The Blue Team delivers information around the actions they took while in ‘defence mode’ and plugging in any gaps and addressing vulnerabilities that The Red Team exposed. As well as the core deliverable an effective Red Team can provide operational intelligence to help boost the Blue Teams capability.

Join founder and Chief Executive, Federico Charosky and Head of Testing Dan Stewart on Wednesday 24th February as they discuss the mindset of a “strong defence is a strong offense” and how you can mature your Blue Teams capability using Red Team skillsets and ultimately become more resilient to threats.

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Event suited for; SME, Owners, CEO, COO CIO

Event Schedule 14:00-15:00

Providing expert Cyber security guidance, tailored to the work of professionals in FinTech and Financial Services; during Cyber Scotland Week 2021.

Intro & Welcome from Federico Charosky, founder & Chief Executive – Quorum Cyber

Offensive Security with Dan Stewart, Head of Testing at Quorum Cyber

Maturing Blue Team Strategy

  • Leveraging Offensive and Defensive Intelligence to build better threat detection and response capability

Q&A & Close