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Published: 11th September 2020 | In: News

Leading cyber security experts, Quorum Cyber, who provide a range of professional and managed security services, are pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Fisher as Sales Director. Ben will also be joining the new board of directors and is excited to begin the latest chapter in an already impressive career.

Ben brings with him a wealth of experience, honed over many years of sales leadership that will help ensure Quorum Cybers’ success in achieving sustainable growth as part of its wider global growth strategy.

Speaking about his appointment, Ben said:

“I am delighted to be part of the team at Quorum Cyber. Not only does the rapid growth of the cyber security industry really excite me, but to be part of an organisation who truly do try and lead by example is one of the key factors in drawing me towards Quorum Cyber in the first instance. They do not look to sell through fear, but rather, all sales activity comes from a real desire to help people. This is the kind of guiding philosophy I try and live my life by and I genuinely feel that, together, Quorum Cyber and I have the potential to unlock great growth for us as a business, as well as ensuring the safety and security of all our customers – no matter where they are in the world.”

Ben joins at an important stage in Quorum Cybers’ current growth strategy, following the recent news of a significant 2.7million investment, led by Maven Capital Partners. This investment has already seen substantial development taking place at Quorum Cyber, allowing Ben to join the organisation on a full-time basis; with a dedicated sales team. The Edinburgh-based cyber security firm has also very recently filled a few other high-profile roles, really accelerating the already impressive organic growth trajectory the business was enjoying.

When asked on future plans for the company, Ben had this to say:

“In the longer-term, I am very excited to be part of Quorum Cyber’s expansion as we look towards the future and the promise of reaching our full potential. Cyber security is really, when you think about it, boundless. We are not constrained by geography and logistical concerns of that nature, we can deliver any of our services, to anyone, anywhere in the world – we are already proving this – so now the main goal of Quorum Cyber is to make all regions and corners of the globe a significant part of our customer base.”

Another significant aspect of Ben’s role as Sales Director is the partnership between Quorum Cyber and Microsoft.

“Microsoft are doing a lot of really unique and innovative work within the cyber security space at present. They also rely pretty heavily on their partnerships and other channels because whilst they produce some truly phenomenal technology, they simply don’t have the capability to deliver and actually roll-out in order to ensure the best use by customers. Organisation’s like Quorum Cyber are experts in this space and, as such, what we have is a very symbiotic relationship with one another.”

Federico Charosky, Managing Director at Quorum Cyber, is delighted with Ben’s appointment, and what this signals about the future ambitions of the organisation:

“We are deeply honoured to have Ben Fisher join the team. Ben brings with him a great deal of expertise building and running Global Managed Services Businesses, as well as decades of Sales and Commercial experience. However, the most impressive aspect of Ben’s character is his ethos – 100% compatible with our core beliefs at Quorum Cyber; such as Honour, Trust and Care. Ben is a very different Sales Director, and we are incredibly lucky to have him with us.”