Cloud Support Services

Quorum Cyber have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12 framework.  G-Cloud 12 helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services, such as hosting, software and cloud support, including many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.

With access to over 30,000 services and more than 4,000 service providers, G-Cloud 12 provides customers with the ability to pay for scalable services with reduced costs and reduced total cost of ownership compared to running the service(s) in house.

G-Cloud allows for increased flexibility with the option to change service provider at any time.

The following Cloud Support Services are provided by Quorum Cyber on Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12:

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment – A comprehensive security review of your Microsoft 365 deployment including a prioritised set of recommendations, a proposed roadmap for improvement activities and support with regards the remediation of any critical identified items.  Service benefits include:

  • Access to highly experienced pool of Microsoft 365 Security experts
  • Tailored service based on your M365 licensing and objectives
  • Clear, concise reporting and advice
  • Agile focus to delivery

Security Maturity Assessment – Risk and security gap assessment against recognised standards such as NIST, NCSC and PSN CoCo. The objective is to enable the identification of tactical and strategic investment priorities to effectively reduce cyber security risk.  Service benefits include:

  • Achieve and demonstrate compliance against standards
  • Effectively prioritise investment based on risk
  • Clear and actionable reports, created by accredited security experts
  • Proactively identify and manage cyber security risk

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS – Certify your organisation to Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Essentials PLUS standards.  Service benefits include:

  • IASME Approved Certification Body
  • We are highly experienced with CE and CE+
  • Guidance and support from highly experienced consultants

Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) and Investigation – The Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) and Investigation service provides you with support in the preparation, response, investigation and follow up of a Cyber Security incident.  Service benefits include:

  • Access to highly experienced pool of security responders
  • Clear, concise advice on actions to take
  • Access to our Threat Analysts
  • Agile focus to delivery

Azure Security Engineering – Quorum Cyber’s Azure Security Engineering provides certified Azure Security engineering resources to help build and review your Azure cloud.  Specialised Azure Sentinel engineers can build and maintain the Azure Sentinel SIEM with data sources, threat-intelligence, hunting and analytics, workbooks and notebooks and integration and automation.  Service benefits include:

  • Access to accredited, industry experts in Azure and Cyber Security
  • Azure Sentinel Engineering services from experienced SOC Engineers
  • Microsoft recommended Security Partner

Cyber Security Consultancy – Quorum Cyber’s Security Consultancy provides a wide range of services to help customers reduce their exposure to cyber risk and increase their resilience. Services include auditing, health checks and compliance, source code / application review, infrastructure review, security awareness testing and training, incident response, compromise assessment and forensics.  Service benefits include:

  • Access to accredited, industry experts in IT and Cyber Security
  • High breadth and depth of public sector experience
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions and advice
  • Ensure investment in process and technology is effective
  • Clear and actionable tactical and strategic recommendations

IT Health Check (ITHC) – IT Health Check service to identify weaknesses on your external and internal systems that could result in a compromise or invalidate your compliance to relevant standards such as the PSN Code of Connection (CoCo).  Service benefits include:

  • Extensive IT Health Check experience
  • Delivered using CREST, CRT, OSCP and CISSP accredited consultants
  • Clear, actionable reporting of weaknesses, with recommendations
  • PSN submission-ready report covering all ITHC requirements
  • Support and guidance during any remediation activities

CREST Penetration Testing – A penetration test is a point-in-time, authorised, simulated attack on a target organisation. The benefit of a penetration test is that it provides assurance in the investment an organisation has made in cyber security, assessing their cyber security posture against the tactics, techniques and procedures used by real threat actors.  Service benefits include:

  • Provides external assurance of security investment
  • Enables proactive identification and management of risks and weaknesses
  • Delivers clear and actionable tactical and strategic recommendations
  • Provides tangible evidence of compliance, governance and maturity
  • Proactively managing cyber security risk and identifying weaknesses
  • With a high breadth and depth of public sector experience

Security Director as a Service – Our Cloud SDaS addresses the issues faced by organisations struggling to mature their security capabilities sustainably, including their cloud position. Our CSD’s embed into your organisation to analyse and document risk exposure, drive the creation and delivery of a resilience-lead security strategy, ensuring a pathway towards improving organisational maturity.  Service benefits include:

  • Reduced costs through engagement model
  • Increased capability and capacity of information assurance
  • Increased capability to meet the changing demands
  • Reduced management overheads
  • Reduced need for employment costs and utilisation
  • Increased capability and capacity of Cyber Security expertise
  • Increased regulatory compliance through pragmatic advice and delivery

Phishing Simulation – Phishing Simulation is a self-service phishing simulation platform, enabling organisations to run phishing tests as frequently as required. Choose from our library of templates or ask us to add bespoke examples – organisations can now improve security awareness and reduce the likelihood of a real incidents, by driving positive behaviours.  Service benefits include:

  • Snapshot of current awareness and risk level
  • Raise security awareness in team
  • Prime staff for awareness training

Phishing Protection (Big Red Button) – It only takes one phishing email and one click, to result in a potentially devastating security breach. This is a service that offers business and employee assurance on suspicious emails, by allowing them to be submitted to be vetted by Quorum Cyber systems and experts.  Service benefits include:

  • Enables users to report any suspicious emails
  • Protects users against advanced phishing attacks
  • Protects users against social engineering attacks
  • Provides real-time awareness of phishing attacks across the whole organisation
  • Increase awareness of phishing threat in users

CREST Vulnerability Management – Vulnerabilities, found within all software systems, are unintended flaws that expose organisations to the possibility of attack. Their exploitation remains the primary cause of security incidents worldwide. Our vulnerability management service enables proactive identification and assistance in remediation of these weaknesses, leveraging automated tools and in-house expertise.  Service benefits include:

  • Assurance of security controls for local, remote and cloud infrastructure
  • Independent security risk assessment for cloud-based deployments
  • Clear and detailed reports with recommendations
  • Evaluation of risks, tailored to your organisation and configuration
  • Customer/Client Reassurance of Cloud Service
  • Remediation advice based on your organisational structure and availabilities

Microsoft Azure Sentinel Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – Quorum Cyber’s fully managed Security Operations Centre (C-SOC) and Managed Detect and Response (MDR) service, providing a cloud-native, 24×7 cyber risk mitigation platform, built and operated in the UK.  Powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Quorum Cyber delivers an all-inclusive cyber security incident detection and response service on a pay-as-you-go model.  Service benefits include:

  • Typically, half the cost of traditional SOC services
  • Pay less as your security maturity improves
  •  Continuous improvement and regular review of use cases
  • All-inclusive detection and response to threats and incidents
  • Covers all technologies, on premise and in any cloud provider
  • Powered by Quorum Cyber’s Clarity Portal
  • Provides tangible evidence of compliance and governance
  • Proactively identifying and managing cyber security risk
  • Enables tactical and strategic cyber security investment
  • Provides clear and actionable improvements and recommendations