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In today’s ever-evolving threat-landscape, it can be challenging for any business or organisation to prevent cyber-attacks effectively and efficiently.

On  Friday 19th February, founder and Chief Executive, Federico Charosky shared his expertise and insights on the latest cyber threats facing organisations and strategies on how to overcome them.

Event suited for; CISO, CTO, IT Manager, IT Director, COO, CIO.


Understanding current trends
 – Insights into the cyber security threats you need to know

Cyber Security Strategy
– Key Considerations when developing your risk strategy

How to modernise your Security Operations

Security Capabilities of the Microsoft Ecosystem
– Including live demo of Azure Sentinel


Modernising SecOps Webinar Resources

Some handy resources for a deeper understanding of the topics we covered in the webinar or download the full presentation slide deck here.

Facilities Under Attack – When cyber moves into the physical world:

Two more cyber-attacks hit Israel’s water system | ZDNet

What’s most interesting about the Florida water system hack? That we heard about it at all. — Krebs on Security

Key Considerations when developing your risk strategy:

Using Zero Trust principles to protect against sophisticated attacks like Solorigate – Microsoft Security


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