a new breed of
cyber services
and data intelligence

Quorum Cyber provides a range of innovative, simple security services that are built for the next generation of cyber-attacks.
Our services harness the power and agility of the cloud, protecting your users and data in any location. Everything we do is built on our three principles:

  • Clarity: no jargon, just focused security services

  • Integrity: we always do the right thing

  • Agility: security that evolves with your business

Our services have been developed by our in-house teams, people with a track record of delivering cyber security into large enterprise organisations across the world such as banks, global cloud providers, and global brands.
This experience became the DNA which has formed the basis of everything we do.
We understand that the world of cyber security can seem daunting, complex and full of jargon, that's why we have built simple services that deliver enterprise grade cyber security without the enterprise price tag.