Threat intelligence is all the knowledge you can gather that will help you to identify and solve security threats.

It encompasses up-to-date information on security threats, new technology, new vulnerabilities; whilst also applying this to your specific company. Intelligence is holistic and then directive on what that means for you, how you can be proactive about securing your company against future threats, and the different practices that need to be implemented for this.

Why is this difficult?

The difficulty with threat intelligence, is that the landscape is ever-evolving and with continual new ways of hacking and new ways of defending being experienced, it isn’t an easy area to keep on top of.

Because of the saturation of information, it can be difficult to find meaningful information on how to set proactive measures to secure your company.

How to stay on top?

Your company has to shift its thinking, or build its foundation of thinking to an assumed breach mentality. From this it is important to set up a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. This solution can track what is happening within your environment and make correlations between events so you are more informed on potential threats.

Attacks can be drilled down to either user based, application based, or infrastructure based threats. With so many methods of attack it is important to have a solution which collates eve the information that may seem unrelated to show if someone is attacking you over a range of types of threats.

Response isn’t enough!

To have the best and most robust practices, having a threat intelligence gathering solution and responding is just not enough to combat the quick and ever-evolving threat landscape. For a 360 strategy, you also need to proactively determine the threats most likely to affect your company and set in place precautionary measures to make those types of threats less likely to happen.

How to tackle this issue?

It can seem overwhelming to know where to start either implementing this strategy in your small business, or how to improve it in a larger business. Quorum Cyber can provide support in either strategy adjustment, or strategy building with the best talent in the cyber security community working towards making your practices more secure. Regardless if you are at the start of your security journey or it just isn’t working as effectively as you would like it to, we provide you with the right tools to tackle the attacks your company will face on a daily basis.