One of the biggest problems within cyber security is the fact that most effort is spent analysing, preparing and defending against external threats. Whilst this is a key part of keeping your security strong against any cyber takedowns, it is important to take a more dynamic approach with your efforts. The internal threat is just as apparent as the external one, and making sure your cyber security strategy incorporates both threats will ensure you have 360 coverage.


Traditionally, internal threats have been monitored through tools that study the network activity produced from users (either employee’s or third parties granted access). Due to the fact insiders have authorisation within their day-to-day activity to secure information; the movement or harming of this can be easily undetected. This is where User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) steps in to provide a holistic way to tackle the 'insider threat' problem.

UBA is a proactive defense strategy using data that tracks insider user behaviour over multiple devices and inputs this into algorithms, it can assess the risk of user activity. This type of analytics coupled with the more traditional monitoring of network activity, enables a proactive and reactive process to inside threats, by firstly understanding the behaviour that is likely to lead to security breaches and then to be able to handle them swiftly.

The key in insider-threat is early detection, and this is why UBA has become such a buzz word within cyber security throughout the last year. Going beyond traditional IT data sources and incorporating actual human and social data is the only way to define motivations that can help inform what activities indicate threats before they are ever carried out.

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