As a small business, it can be easy to feel you fly under the radar, rather than being a potential target for hacking.

However, you're actually 40% more likely to be targeted and the devastating effects of these incidents can be business-ending; with 60% of those targeted failing within 6 months of a cyber-attack.

This would indicate that it is critical to your business to develop a security strategy. One positive of being a smaller business is that implementing a tailored strategy is a lot simpler. Streamlining processes and building a solid foundation from the beginning is easier.

There are some easy processes you can implement now to start to create a culture of security within your business and your employees:

Keep systems up to date

One of the simplest measures you can take as a small business is keeping your systems up to date. An out of date computer is prone to security holes, crashes and is a gold mine for hackers; make sure all your systems are up to date and you have anti-virus software implemented.

Educate Employees

Your employees are probably your greatest risk when it comes to threat, but you can minimise this risk. Train your staff on the basics of security, don't have mass access to sensitive information, and enforce diverse passwords and Multi Factor Authentication.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Work out what you will do from the point of attack backwards, ensuring that you have a plan in place for all kinds of breaches. Thinking of all of the different types of threats you might be susceptible to and then how you will recover from each of them, who needs to be involved and what procedures need to be carried out. Having this plan is key to a solid security foundation; it is important to always iterate on this as your weaknesses can easily change, just as hackers are always evolving.


Don't leave things up to chance, make sure you practice and refine. Having a security-first mentality is key, and so running drills often, spotting weaknesses and adjusting is good not only for your strategy, but for fostering this mentality within the company. It is very easy to feel less vulnerable to attacks when you're small, but as the figures show this is not true.


Attempting to implement a solid security plan when you're a small business is no easy task. Considering time and money are usually not on your size when you're trying to scale, it could be an idea to look at outsourcing. Rather than focussing on initial costs of a consultant, but thinking of the amount that would be saved in the future, outsourcing could be a tactical investment early on.

Quorum Cyber understands the push and pull of being in a small environment where everything counts towards success. We believe in the analogy that a surgery patient wouldn’t choose their own scalpel, and we carry this principle into our cyber security consulting. It is about giving you the right tools to protect yourself and your business, education, support, and a tailored cyber security service for the level you require. We can provide a flexible security solution whether it is project based, or a complete strategy overhaul. Integrating with existing solutions you may already have invested in, to give you the best and most cost-effective solution and open up our network of expert professionals to guide you in your journey to ultimate cyber security!.